Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In Review

2008 has been a good year. We've had some sickness, but everyone seems to be doing very good right now. So, without further ado, here is the Boyne Family 2008 Review:

January - Rick is interviewed by his college newspaper on "coin collecting".

February - Rick observes the 20 year anniversary of going to China for the first time.

March - We invite Missy into our lives.

Audrey travels (ALONE! ) to Washington, DC, to be a part of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference

April - Audrey celebrates her 12th birthday.

Rick's Grandmother, Audrey, needs and receives a pace-maker.

May - Audrey and Emily both receive multiple academic awards at school.

The Boyne family travels to Oklahoma City to see the new dome on the State Capitol Building, visit, OBU, OU, see friends.

June - The Boyne family attends the IMB Appointment Service in Oklahoma City.

Audrey surrenders to missions.

July - Sally goes to work for the Muskogee Board of Education.

August - Rick celebrates his first year as pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church

Audrey and Emily change schools. They now attend Benjamin Franklin Science Academy.

September - Emily celebrates her 9th birthday.

Rick's Dad has prostate surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Gives all glory to God for the healing.

October - Audrey and Rick spend the night at the Tulsa Zoo.

The Boyne family takes a short vacation in Branson.

November - Rick preaches the annual missions sermon at the Muskogee Association Annual Meeting.

December - Sally and Rick celebrate 16 years of marriage!

As I look back over this list and as I have perused my blog to remind me of what happened when, I am struck by two things: 1) how much we have been able to do with our families this year, and 2) how many friends we have had come visit us.

So, for 2008, I thank God for family and friends! May God truly bless us all in 2009!


M. Steve Heartsill said...

And for sure, I thought I'd see in May or June...Rick met new blogger friend Steve Heartsill...

But no...I guess I'm always the bridesmaid and never the bride!

Happy New Year Rick!

Anonymous said...

While I understand you were talking FAMILY I must admit I was shocked you didn't go ahead and mention the Sooners.