Monday, April 28, 2014

FaceBook Friends and Former Friends

I just glanced through the "suggested friends" or "people you may know" list on FaceBook.

I am a bit melancholy now.

I saw several people who used to be friends, but have defriended me for whatever reason. There were more than I care to admit.

Some of the people I was aware that they had defriended me. It was a surprise to see some folks, whom I thought I was friends with, on that list.

Some of the folks are former church members who left the church and defriended me because someone who got mad at me for some reason or another told them to and they obeyed.

Some are people who defriended me because they disagree with my politics or religion or both.

Some, well, I have no idea why they defriended me.

It wouldn't be so bad if they were people that I'd met on the internet, but these were people I know in real life. Some of whom I performed their wedding.

Pride is a horrible thing. I apologize if I hurt your feelings, but I won't apologize for my faith or taking a stand for what I believe.

I'm certainly not going to defriend someone because I disagree with their politics!

FaceBook is a strange, strange thing.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Weather Forecasts & Jesus' Return

I watch KOTV for my weather news from the Tulsa TV market.  I really like their weather team, Travis Meyer, Alan Crone, Dick Faurot, and Mike Grogan. I trust these guys.

I know they do their very best to create accurate forecasts and present the public with up-to-the-minute updates when severe weather approaches. It's hard to do it, too, because weather predicting isn't an exact science; things change.

Take today, for instance. They've been telling us for the past several days that there is a good chance of severe storms this afternoon.  They've shown us graphics about it, blogged about it, and posted updates on Facebook and Twitter.

They really want us to take this seriously.  And, as an Okie, it "feels" stormy today.

(While I was typing the second paragraph, the National Weather Center in Tulsa issued a tornado watch for my area)

Last week, they told us all week about a storm that was coming in that would bring rain to our area. They showed us radar images from the storm that was still out over the Pacific. They presented us different frontal models several days in advance. The morning it was supposed to storm that afternoon, it was unbelievable that it was going to rain that afternoon. It was bright, sun shiny, and not a cloud in the sky.

Yet, because it was from the News On 6 WeatherTeam, I prepared for rain.  AND RAIN IT DID!!!!  A certified frog strangler.

It got me to thinking.

Why do people believe a forecast for rain and make plans around it, but completely ignore the words of Jesus where He says He's coming back to Earth?

Some people have made some fancy charts and others have erroneously predicted the exact date (which Jesus said would be fruitless to do), yet the "prediction" that He will return stands.

Some people humorously argue that if He hasn't come back already, what makes you think He's coming back?  That's like saying "it hasn't snowed yet this year, what makes you think it is going to snow?" (or rain, or get to 100ยบ, or etc)

So far, we've had all the time in the world to prepare for the return of Christ. There are signs exactly according to the Bible that we are getting close, yet people treat it those predictions worse than promises from a disgraced politician.

Folks, it's getting close. I don't know when exactly, but, if we can look at the sky and know it's going to rain, we ought to be able to look at the signs that the Bible lists and know that it won't be long until Jesus returns.

Are you ready?