Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pep Rally

WHS band at the pep rally

Wagoner Band

This is Audrey's first year in the band.  She is playing the vibes.  Tonight, I joined the
WHS Band Boosters.  We're supposed to help raise funds for all the different activities for the band as there is exactly ZERO budget funds from the district.

This ought to be a good thing as we support our kids as they play their hearts out.

Wagoner Bulldog Marching Band

Audrey on the vibes

Wagoner Bulldogs

Football team at the pre-season pep rally

National "Back to Church Sunday"

You're invited to National Back to Church Sunday on September 12.  Think of it like "free day" at the library! 

Just come on to church!

Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Sooner Football Schedule

Date                   Opponent

Sat, Sep 4           Utah State 6:00 pm

Sat, Sep 11         (20) Florida State 2:30 pm

Sat, Sep 18         Air Force 2:30 pm

Sat, Sep 25         at Cincinnati

Sat, Oct 2           (5) Texas 2:30 pm

Sat, Oct 16          Iowa State

Sat, Oct 23          at Missouri

Sat, Oct 30          Colorado

Sat, Nov 6           at Texas A&M

Sat, Nov 13         Texas Tech

Sat, Nov 20          at Baylor

Sat, Nov 27          at Oklahoma State

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mission Leader Magazine

Me holding the current copy of Mission Leader Magazine where I have an article.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010


It's what for supper!

Jackpot Update

Nothing of real news to report except for an interesting incident.

Literary agent, Rachelle Gardner was conducting a webinar on writing query letters.  Rachelle has an incredibly wonderful blog where she gives hints, tips, and other information regarding writing and publishing.  If you are interested in writing or publishing, I'd recommend you checking out her blog.

In any case, it was a live 90 minute seminar on the Internet.  After logging in, Rachelle spoke for about 45 minutes or so telling how to write a query letter and all the ins and outs of the process. 

As advertised, 5 lucky people would have their submitted query letters critiqued live by Rachelle for all the world to see.  Everyone else would have their letters critiqued by her, but not live.  Five others won a 20 minute phone call from her!

It was an extremely interesting seminar.  At the end of the 5 live critiques, she indicated she had a few more minutes to do a couple more critiques.


My excitement was short lived.  She had a few good things to say about my query letter, but then the other shoe dropped.  She said that from my letter, my main character didn't look very appealing, being selfish, angry, and self-centered.  She said the story line as presented didn't appeal to her being that Owen wastes his money on things that we probably wouldn't want to read about.

At first I was devastated.

However, as I was able to think about it, I got really excited.  An agent who I highly respect (and would LOVE to have for MY agent) gave me her insight as to why my query letter didn't appropriately represent what my book was about!

In her words, she said it was about a selfish man who wins the lottery and spends the money on stuff he shouldn't. (obviously not an exact quote)

However, that isn't what my book is really about.

My book is about a revenge, redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation.  The lottery just happens to be the catalyst that gets everything going. 

My problem in writing the initial query was that I focused on the secondary storyline, i.e. lottery, instead of his journey to redemption.

After giving it a lot of thought, I see this as a huge blessing from the Lord.  I was trying to land an agent with a query letter that didn't reflect the essence of my story.  Now, I'll be able to "fix" it and query agents based on an accurate representation of my work.

To be honest, the crafting of this query letter has proved to be harder than writing the novel itself.  I realize how important it is and why it is necessary.  I just don't like this process.

I'd love to have you support this project by becoming a fan of Owen Rigsby on Facebook and/or followoing him on Twitter.  As of writing this post, Owen has 198 fans on FB and 284 followers on Twitter, including @RachelleGardner!

JC Watts + Free Pizza = Walking with God

28 years ago tonight I was invited to the Pizza Bash at the OU BSU. JC Watts was the speaker. It was my first Friday night on campus and all I needed to hear was "free pizza". 28 years later, I am still influenced by the after-effects of that night. I went to OU to have season football tickets; I ended up learning how to walk with God.

Praise God for the OU BSU!

Letters from Africa

This is an email newsletter I received this morning from a former colleague in West Africa.

Tuesday, I found myself in the “sitting room” of a common home/dwelling here in West Africa.  It is called a chambre/salon which translates into a sitting room and a bedroom.  Most everyone cooks outside, bathes outside, and the outhouse is of course also found outside.  These two room homes are usually adjoining and one right after the other in a long building. Each 2 room house can support from one person to a family of 6 or more. The sitting room might be 8 by 10, and each of these homes share a common courtyard. 

Three men came from Ouaga, and I and another pastor came from the south.
We had driven about 9 hours to arrive and the folks from Ouaga had driven 4.  This particular home is the home of a man that has been working in the “border town,” and is the pastor of a small Baptist church start.  I listened as the men became acquainted, and I heard the names of missionaries that had come before me and had been a part of forming these particular men.  I acknowledged before God all the ground that had been broken before I ever arrived on the scene and the many, many seeds that had been planted. Not to mention the discipleship time that had been invested to bring us to this moment
in time.    

We all recognized that this meeting was not by chance and was ordained by God.  I then listened as they each broke into spontaneous song and prayer just to thank God that we had all converged on this town, at this time, and with the vision to reach the lost.  It was an amazing spirit filled moment.

As we continued in conversation, the discouragement on the part of the pastor was clear.  He has been working in the town for 3 years and fast approaching the end of his support. His head was hanging down, and he appeared to be close to broken.  I think our visit, purposefully searching him out, and the vision that was cast were the jump start that his heart so desperately desired.  He expressed how he was ready to throw in the towel, and one of the pastors among the group came along side to say, “You can’t give up.  These baby Christians need to be nourished.” 

We then shared with him our vision for the truck drivers and modeled the method of sharing the stories.  He was enthralled.  The next step was to take to the streets to the real classroom.  The first driver that they came across, politely listened, but he really had no interest.  The second driver accepted Christ. 

You can perceive a fear by many to approach a Muslim.  What was modeled that day was obedience no matter the setting.  Stop the Press!  As I am typing at this moment, I have just received a text message from the Pastor in the border town.  He message says, “2 young women just accepted Christ while he was sharing the stories.”  Looks like his boldness has been spurred on. :-)

I’m still not sure what the Lord has in the works for this location.
This pastor is encouraged and committed to lead us to the people that can be trained to reach the truck drivers.  We wait with anticipation on how the Lord will provide the support for this man and his family.  It would be easy for me to step up and support him for this work, but one of the critical elements to reaching the lost in a way that can be sustained and reproduced is for our African brothers and sisters to take ownership in vision, the method, and how it is financially accomplished.
Waiting is not my strong suit.

Pray with me;

*    If this is where the Lord would have Pastor M*** stay, hissupport will be revealed.
*    Pray that the Lord will reveal to M***  and to us the men tobe trained to reach the truck drivers.

Your prayers have been monumental.  Please continue to pray for the “border town.”  There are great things in store.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Questions for Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

Recently, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) has been in local news a great deal, mostly concerning questions regarding the recent raising of tolls.

Most Oklahomans would agree that the OTA is a necessary evil; that is, the roads are necessary, but the OTA and their profit scheme is evil.

I could go on about how the OTA broke its promise to Oklahoma by not making the Turner and Will Rogers Turnpikes free when they were paid for. Or I could go on about how they build unnecssary roads.  Or I could go on about how they continually raise tolls simply to build other turnpikes.

But the purpose of this post is to raise a question that needs to be raised.

My family was returning from Branson, MO, to Oklahoma via Joplin.  We had been driving on I-44 out of Joplin on nice smooth free road.  As soon as we arrived in Oklahoma, where the road was no longer free and we had to pay a toll, the road condition deteriorated. 

The surface was no longer smooth, but rough.  And we had to pay to drive on it.

That got me to thinking.

I called the Missouri Department of Transportation and asked to speak to someone who could answer my questions.  After a few moments, I spoke with Mike Middleton, District Materials and Construction Engineer.

He was quite helpful and didn't hesitate to answer my questions.  I asked how much MoDoT spent on resurfacing I-44 between Joplin and the State line.  He told me that it was about $400,000 per mile using an asphalt overlay.  He said they used Apac Missouri as the contractor and it was by competitive bidding only.  He said it usually lasts 7 years.

I then called OTA.  I spoke with Jack Damerall, director of public relations.  He seemed rather hesitant to answer any questions regarding cost related to the turnpikes.  I must have caught him on a bad day because he seemed like he flat didn't want to talk to me and I had a hard time getting information from him.  In the end, however, he said that it gets resurfaced every 5-8 years at a cost of $3-4 MILLION DOLLARS PER MILE!  He said in certain circumstances, it could be as much as 10 million dollars per mile.  He said it was by competitive bidding, but wouldn't give me a contractor's name.

Something is VERY wrong with this picture!  $400,000 per mile of free road in Missouri and $3-4 MILLION per mile of toll road in Oklahoma!


I have contacted KOTV Channel 6 twice about this, but evidentally no one is interested in stirring up a hornets' nest.

I have waited patiently for them to break this story, but have decided it is time for me to report the information I have.

WHY does it cost 10 times the amount per mile in Oklahoma for toll road than it does in Missouri for free road?

I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but it appears that someone, or someones, have their hands in the turnpikes' pockets.

I say, ENOUGH!

Everyone, contact Channel 6, or the other channels, or the newspapers!  Let's get this information public so that someone will have to answer this!

I'm sick and tired of what appears to be corruption.

Where's the state senators?  Where are the state representatives?  What about the Governor? 

Why is everyone silent?


New Ads Feature

I have edited my disclaimer to include "Google Ads do not necessarily represent the views of RickBoyne.com.  Users are asked to use discretion when clicking on ads."

While I have enabled Google Ads, I have blocked several categories.  Unfortunately, many of the categories I allow include advertisers that do not agree with my beliefs and worldview.

I will use every effort to block specific ones as I am aware of them.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Church Refuses to Apologize for Offensive Message

Immanuel Southern Baptist Church in Wagoner, OK, refuses to apologize for a message on their sign which offends every major religion in the world.

Offensive Message


The message is offensive to major world religions because it implies that their belief system will not get them to God.

"It is a myth that all religions lead to God," said, Rick Boyne, Pastor.  "The Bible says that the only way to God is through Jesus.  We're not going to apologize for what the Bible says.

The message offends Jews because they do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

The message offends Muslims because they do not recognize Jesus as the Son of God.

The message offends Buddhists because it denies 'enlightenment' and synchronicity.

The message offends Hindus because it denies Karma and their host of false gods.

The message offends atheists (yes, it is a belief system) because it denies their denial of God and the need for salvation.

The message offends unbelievers of any religion because it confronts their need for salvation.

The message even offends many Christians because it denies that salvation is by works, or "being good."

The church sign is located at 611 N. Gertrude Ave, Wagoner, OK 74467.  The pastor can be reached for comment at rick (at) immanuelsouthern (dot) com.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good grief!


After all this time and so much aggravation, I finally figured out how to post pictures to my blog from my cell phone!

It sure wasn't they way they said to do it, but a little creative thinking took care of it!

Hot in OK!

Too hot for me!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jackpot update

I have begun my search for a literary agent in earnest.  I have sent query letters to four or five agents and one publishing house.  I have already had two rejections.

I am confident that this project is print-worthy.  Hopefully I won't have to wait too long until an agent believes in it, too!

Birthday doin's

Sally wanted to go to Smashburger in Tulsa tonight for her birthday dinner.  We did and had a great time.

We got back fairly late, but not too late for birthday cake.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any birthday candles, so we made use of the next best thing...

VBS Report

(Click to enlarge)

Total Enrollment:         44
High Attendance:         40
Volunteers:                  24
Professions of faith:     11

We had a great VBS this year.  Richard Keck provided wonderful direction.  We had great teachers and great volunteers!

We really got into the spirit of Saddle Ridge Ranch!

Happy Birthday, Sally!


John, Sally's Mom, Juanita, and Sally Photo by big sister Mary circa 1968

Sally playing in the snow on furlough in 2002

Birthday Surprise in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 2001.

Sally driving her 1975 Toyota in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Fixing Thanksgiving turkey in Thailand 2005

Sally at OBU in Shawnee, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sally!  I love you!

A Little Busy

Ok.  So you noticed I haven't posted much lately.  Well, I hope you've noticed.

I've been a bit busy.

July gave opportunities for me to serve as camp missionary at Kiamichi Baptist Assembly and we had our Vacation Bible School at our church.

I feel like I've met myself coming and going.

In any case, I hope to be more regular at blogging this month.