Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Mid-Life Crisis Car

Saab 9-3

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Phone Call to Trinity United Church of Christ

Back in 2008, when Candidate Obama was running for POTUS, and people began to say that he was a Muslim, I called the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago to ask them about Obama.

I specifically asked, "Is Barack Obama a Christian?"

At the time, I was satisfied with the answer, mainly because I wanted to believe he truly was a Christian.

Yet, now, I am upset with myself for accepting their answer without further inquiry.  They answered (and I quote) "Barack Obama is a member of this church."

How stupid can I be?  That koolaid tasted good then, but has since left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Obama's Muslim Faith

In his OWN words.

111 - Really?

The Mormon and the Muslim

(Or American Presidents in 2012)

What a mess we've created for ourselves.  How can we have come to this?

Well, I'll tell you. It's be because we have abandoned the Historical Christianity that made this country great.

We've abandoned it for "feel good" religion. We've abandoned it for "science."  We've abandoned it for "political correctness."  We've abandoned it for "entitlements."

In any case, this marks the end of America as we know it.

Granted, I'd rather have a Mormon like Mitt than a Muslim like Barack leading this country. At the very least, Mitt's values are more in line with American values.

Although, I don't see much difference in either man's religion.

They were both presented from an "angel" or rather a demon masquerading as an angel of God.

They both deny Jesus of the New Testament.

They both require works to be "saved."

They both deny the Bible as the only inspired Word of God.

They both desire polygamy.

They both were the fantasies of mad men with evil desires.

I don't think that Mitt has evil desires for America. I can't say the same about BHO.  He has proved his disdain for America over and over.

Do I think that Obama is the anti-Christ? (I've been asked this question several times lately)  My answer is a fairly-firm "No."  The reason? I don't think he's smart enough to be the anti-Christ.

I do, however, believe his is a puppet of the anti-Christ, setting the world up to need a false savior.  He's doing his part to destroy America's economy, which is necessary for total world economic collapse and chaos, at which time someone will step in and "make sense of it all."

I don't think he is even smart enough to KNOW that he is a puppet.

My prediction: Obama will win the 2012 US Presidential election.  If he wins, we'll see total breakdown of our American economy, suspension of the US Constitution, and total collapse of the world economy.  IMHO

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oklahoma Thunder Boomer

A Thousand Years of Darkenss - Book Review

I received my autographed copy from the author in a web contest. He claims he wrote from "today's headlines." He said that in 2011, but the problem is, much of what is going on in 2012 is also in the book!

Sasser's fast-paced action keeps the reader's attention. The reader can readily identify with many of the characters.  The interjection of "press releases" and quotes intensifies the suspense.

Billed as "fiction", it is an accurate portrayal of what the current administration's second term could be like, if re-elected. It should be required reading for all starry-eyed young liberals, and for all who tow the party line. I would recommend this book to every American patriot before it gets banned as subversive!

A Thousand Years of Darkness, Charles W. Sasser, Deadly Niche Press, 2011

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