Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Announcement!

My older daughter, Audrey, attended Falls Creek week before last with my friend, Martin Whipple's church, Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid. While there, she felt God's calling her to surrender herself to overseas missions!

Due to some extenuating circumstances, she wasn't able to "go forward" during the invitation time at Falls Creek, but she made her calling known at church yesterday.

It comes as no surprise, but now I am beginning to understand what my parents felt when I told them the same thing, so many years ago.

She is a marvelous young lady with a heart for God and a heart for the lost. Please join us praying, supporting, and guiding Audrey in this new journey in her walk with our Lord.


JasonC said...

That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful, Boyne family!