Saturday, March 08, 2008

Big Steps

This morning, Sally, Emily & I took Audrey to Tulsa International Airport. She went by herself (unaccompanied minor) to Baltimore, MD, via DFW.

She has been selected to participate in the Junior National Young Leaders Conference. Approximately 250 other outstanding middle school students from across the nation will attend this conference in Washington, DC.

It was a big step. Not only for her, but for her parents, as we let her go!

A few months ago, I asked her if she thought she would be all right in the airports by herself. She asked, "well, do I need to fill out any customs forms or anything like that?" (She has had LOTS of international traveling experience). I told her that travel within the US doesn't require that sort of documentation. She then asked, "well, do they speak English in the airports?" I said that everything is done in English.

She then replied, "well, what's the problem, then?"

Now there's a kid who has been around!

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