Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

We had some fun on Mom & Dad's pontoon boat yesterday at Ft. Gibson Lake.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Renaissance Fair

Audrey was selected to help with the falconer in their demonstration of falconry. It was quite educational and very entertaining.

Camel Ride

Sally & Emily took a little camel ride at the Muskogee Renaissance Fair this weekend.

Visit from the Johnsons

Our friends, Bill & Julie Johnson, and their kids, came for a short visit last week. They live down in Midland, TX, but Bill's parents still live in Tulsa. We were neighbors together in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa.

3rd Grade Concert

Emily's end of school concert was this last week. They did so well. Emily is in the front row to the right of the boy in the black shirt.

Audrey's Award Ceremony

Audrey got the Outstanding Social Studies Student Award for 6th grade. Nana & Big Daddy got to attend both hers and Emily's Award Ceremonies. It is so great to be back close where they can do that!

Emily's Award Ceremony

Emily's third grade award ceremony was last week. She "Cleaned Up". Her picture should be in the local paper this week.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

We had a fun time at my grandmother's house for Mother's Day on Sunday afternoon. Here is my grandmother, mother, myself, and two daughters, representing four generations.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Emily's Art Show

The City-wide art show is going on at the Evan Activity Center at the Wagoner High School. Here, Emily is standing in front of her class art project, "Starry Night" (the top picture).

6th Grade Band Spring Concert

Audrey's class had their Spring Band Concert last night. Here they are playing Wagoner's "fight song". (Audrey is seated on the front row, just to the left of the band director. She is wearing a light colored blouse and a dark skirt.)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Avery Willis

It was announced Monday that Avery Willis will be nominated for the President of the SBC. That excites me! He is a good man with a heart for God and missions. What a great president he will make!

A friend of mine, Micah Fries, created a "campaign" website for Avery here.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Pictures of Wagoner

Wonder what Wagoner looks like? Well, I submitted about 28 pictures to a website and they were published this weekend. Take a look here. As of today, all of the photos are mine. They may add more from other people at a later date.

Family Update

Well, with all that had been going on for the past couple of weeks, we decided to get away for a long weekend. It seemed to have done us all a world of good.

I think "things" are back to normal and everyone seems to be doing well. We have had numerous blessings over the past several days and no real (I hesitate to even type this) spiritual attacks.

Thanks to all who lifted me and my family up during these trying times.

Cook-out / Camp-out

After all the activities, we came back to the Hunts where Phil was out in the back yard cookin' up some happy. It was so good to see our good friends and had just a delightful time together. They were gracious hosts and can't wait to see them again and return the favor!

Master Cook, Phil Hunt.

Puttin' up a tent for the girls.

Phil makin' sure it is assembled correctly.

The girls spent the night out in the back yard. It was a "little cold" they said, but they enjoyed it, anyway!

Oklahoma Capitol Dome

After we left the Oklahoma City National Memorial, we took the girls by to see the new dome on the Capitol Building. They built it while we were overseas and we haven't had a good look at it. I must say that it certainly changes the look of the building. It is now quite impressive. It is absolutely beautiful! Good job, Oklahoma!

The dome.

The Capitol Building.

My girls.

A little bit of perspective.

State flags blowing in the spring breeze.

Oklahoma City National Memorial

We think we visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial 5 or 6 years ago when we were home on our first furlough. The kids were too young to remember or to understand. This time, however, was a different experience for everyone. The kids understood. We went ahead and paid the admission to the museum, which was worth the money. Sally and I were both surprised at the deep emotions it evoked from our memories.

Looking toward the west.

The Survivor Tree with the Museum in the background.

The memorial chairs.

Sally and the girls at the reflecting pool.

This water fountain is across the street at the First United Methodist Church. What a great witness!

Frontier City

Well, our family field trip had to have a little fun in it, just for the sake of fun, so we decided to go to Frontier City Saturday. To be honest, I was disappointed. First of all, you have to pay for parking! Right in their own park. That is just stupid. Second, the price of admission didn't cover all the rides. There were still many things that you had to pay for separately if you wanted to ride them. Third, the whole "family fun park" theme is no longer valid at Frontier City. They sell beer and alcohol, which people can carry around anywhere in the park. We watched the "Red Hot Country" show and found two out of three songs to be vulgar and inappropriate for children. Don't even get me started about the price of snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. While they still allow smoking in the park, it IS confined to certain areas. So, to sum up, "Been there; done that; couldn't afford the T-Shirt!" I doubt we'll be going back.

At least the ferris wheel was fun.

Audrey didn't like the heights too well.

Looking toward OKC from the top of the ferris wheel.

Chisholm Trail

After OBU, we continued on to Yukon to meet our friends, Phil & Valerie Hunt. We all went for a real nice steak dinner at Ken's Steaks & Ribs in Amber, OK. It was pretty good. I particularly enjoyed the basket of ribs given as an appetizer. The steak was priced right, but was way too tough for the reputation. All in all, it was a good time. Afterwards, Phil took us by the Chisholm Trail Watering Hole in Yukon. This is one of the actual watering holes used en route on the Chisholm Trail.

Audrey & Emily at the watering hole (with modern improvements)

Rick at the Watering Hole Historical Marker.

Valerie and Sally soaking up the history.


Since Sally started to work at her new job at Muskogee Regional Medical Center today (Monday), we decided to take the kids on a little field trip of our own. So, we pulled them out of school on Friday and headed to Shawnee to visit Sally's Alma Mater, Oklahoma Baptist University.

Here is Sally & the girls with Raley Chapel in the background.

One the way to Raley Chapel to get a closer look.

Audrey & Emily on the steps of Raley Chapel.

The girls in front of the Golden Bison (no relationship to the golden calf of Genesis) (I think)

Our family with Sally's former classmate, Dale Griffin, who now serves as the Campus Minister.

Tulsa Air & Space Museum

OK, before you start getting all snitty about Tulsa having a space program, you need to realize a few things: Tulsa has been involved with the space INDUSTRY since the Apollo program. In fact, my wife's father worked on Apollo One - Apollo Four RIGHT THERE IN TULSA! McDonald-Douglas also completed work on the Space Shuttle Cargo Bay Doors.

Emily's class took a field trip to the Tulsa Air & Space Museum last Tuesday. I wasn't even aware of its existence, but all I can say is "Wow! What a museum!" I'd encourage anyone around Tulsa to take a day and go to the museum and planetarium.

Getting off the buses.

Emily in the cockpit of a USAF trainer.

Emily & friends in a tornado simulator (at 78.8 mph)

Emily was selected to be part of the Space Shuttle Launch Team.

Here is her class & teachers with the museum docent.