Thursday, December 18, 2008

School Christmas Assembly

Emily has been singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" for the past several weeks, saying that her music teacher has required them all to learn it well to be able to perform.

We hadn't really heard WHEN she was going to perform it, but Sally got wind of a Christmas assembly at school today at 1:45 pm.

She emailed me this morning to tell me about it and to be sure to come.

No problem.

I even left early and drove all the way to Muskogee so that I could have lunch with Sally at our favorite hamburger joint. We get to school in plenty of time for the assembly. The two music guys are already in the auditorium playing some pretty snazzy jazz with trumpet and keyboard. We were actually enjoying it. Kids and parents were filing in and the place was getting filled up. A teacher came by and presented us with a couple of programs. I'm thinking, "Wow! This is gonna be good!"

However, as I leafed through the program, I became alarmed. No where was my children or my children's classes mentioned. In fact, the only ones mentioned were first, second and third grades. Notes of thanks were on the back of the programs to the third grade teachers. The program kept talking about the third grade choir.

Hmmm. Maybe I'm not "getting it".

Well, I didn't get it all right. It was a THIRD GRADE CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY. What's the big deal? My kids are in the fourth and seventh grades!

We had to sit through an entire Christmas assembly of which my kids were not a part!

Reminds me of the "Missy" story!
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