Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Parade

What do you do when, at the last minute, your church decides to put a float in the Christmas parade?

Well, the best you can, of course!

The theme of the Christmas parade was "The Greatest Show on Earth: The Birth of Jesus Christ". Well, we didn't have enough time or manpower to play to the theme, so we thought of the next best thing: use a boat as the actual float!

We put lights around everywhere, made some signs, and voila! instant float!

We had a LOT of positive comments from the redneck contingent!

When my family simply watched the parade last year, we noticed that it was pretty well a quiet parade except for the bands. This year, everyone on the boat-float shouted out "Merry Christmas!" The response was overwhelming! People waved and shouted back, "Merry Christmas to you, too!" It was really fun!

Next year, we'll get an earlier start and about 25 more pounds of candy to throw. By the way, we noticed that the kids were not picking up the Tootsie Rolls! What's up with that?
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