Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Please Pray

Please pray for my family. Since our revival started (and has since ended) we have had several peculiar spiritual attacks.

I see it as an honor to have gotten the attention of the enemy, but my kids are getting hit, too, and I think it is enough.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on Meme II

The doctor moved up my grandmother's pacemaker implant to today at noon. My sister just sent me an SMS that said she was out of surgery, in to recovery, and doing fine!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update on Meme

(We call my grandmother, Meme)

Mom just called and said that the doctor said that the tests indicated she needed a pace maker. They will place it on Friday and she'll be able to come home on Saturday.

Prayer Request

Please pray for my grandmother, Audrey Childress. Mom took her to the doctor yesterday and the doctor told her to go on over to St. John's Hospital in Tulsa. She waited in the ER for 9 hours (not a good thing at any age, but especially hard at 92) and was admitted last night. The doctor is talking about the possibility of a pace maker.

She is a believer, so pray for God's restorative hand in her life and the opportunity to witness to the medical staff.


Monday, April 14, 2008

IRS Rant

I have awaken to a cruel reality: the IRS STINKS! For the past 10 years, my former employer has completed my taxes for me. What a blessing that was! This year, they did it one last time, because I worked for them in 2007, but they only did my federal return. The state thingy was up to me.

I finished it today.

Since, as a pastor, I am considered "self-employed" for tax purposes, I will now have to send in estimated taxes to both the Feds and the state on a quarterly basis. EGADS!!!! For the Feds, I have to pay 15% of my salary in taxes and another 15.3% of my salary in self-employment (Social Security) tax. That's 30 stinkin percent!

This is my conclusion: personal income tax creates an unrealistic burden on the American population. (Big revelation, huh?) Besides, I don't think I'm getting my money's worth.

Taxes stink.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kids and Grandparents

Here's Audrey and Emily with their paternal grandparents, Big Daddy & Nana

A Family Pic

My sister, Pam; my dad, Bob; my mom, Jo; and Rick

More Bubba Teeth

Of course, I couldn't let a set of Bubba Teeth go to waste. Here is Bubba with his sister, Pam.

Party with family

Just prior to the kids' birthday party, Audrey's paternal grandparents and aunt showed up with "gifts galore". Here is a photo op with this part of the family.

Bubba Teeth

One of the items in the gift bags were "Bubba Teeth". My goodness! We only had "vampire teeth" when I was growing up.

Two Birthday Cakes

Audrey had two birthday cakes for her birthday. This one, from Aunt Patsy, and a store bought one from Nana.

Second cake

And here's the other cake from Wal-Mart. (Thanks, Nana)

Audrey's Party

Audrey turned 12 on Friday. She had a great birthday party except for one thing.... she invited BOYS! My goodness! I didn't even know about it until they started showing up! I don't think I'm ready for this...

Happy Birthday, Audrey.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I've joined MyBlogLog. I'm not quite sure what it does, but I've read lots of advice to join it.

Let's Plant a Tree

The spring weather in Wagoner was absolutely perfect for most of Monday and, since the girls have "always wanted a weeping willow", I bought one and they wanted to plant it. The only thing I did was to open the hole and remove the sod; the girls did every bit of the rest of it. The only other thing I did was hold the tree upright while the girls put the soil around it. I was really proud of them for all their very hard work!

Tree Planting Time

Here the young weeping willow is in the ground and the two young women are struggling hard to make it perfect. They did a terrific job!