Monday, February 28, 2011

Big sale

Regularly $2.00

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Help wanted - no clothes required!

Apply at NSU - NOT! 

I found this in the Fine Arts Dept at NSU in Tahlequah. When I posted it on Facebook, it created quite a stir and controversy.

Sneak peak at Audrey at practice

In the vocal room.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

A little left

I think our yard had more snow left today than anywhere else around.  With temps in the 50's today and 60's tomorrow, the snow won't be long for this world.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Before and After

click to enlarge

Same Spot Different Drift

This one had some nice wind contours...

Narrow is the path

shoveled path from home to church


Kudos to the City of Wagoner Street Crews!


after the snow

What a difference a few hours make!

Almost as soon as it quit snowing, the sun came out!

Looking South

Wagoner, OK

Looking East

Snow covered streets

Looking West

Oo, oo, oo, looking out my back door...

Feed the birds

Finch, canaries, sparrows, wrens, cardinals, and even an occassional blue-jay!

Looking North


Here we go again!

Round 3 (or 4)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

Chinese names finally framed

We bought these Chinese caligraphy interpretations of our English names back when we lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We bought them at Stanley Market in Hong Kong.  I finally got around to buying a frame and Sally and I put it together this evening.  The top picture is our family at Hong Kong Harbour and the bottom picture is of us in Tianamen Square, Beijing.

I am not happy with my Chinese name interpretation as presented, because I actually have a Chinese name, and that is not it.  My Chinese name is:  方偉基 (in traditional characters) and  方伟基 (in simplified characters).  Of course, it was given to me in 1989 when I lived in Hong Kong.  Its rough meaning is "Great Foundation" which gave me ample opportunity to explain that Jesus Christ is the great foundation in my life, since 基 is the first character in 基督 or "Christ".  In Cantonese, my name is pronounced "Fong Wai Gei".

Now, we just need to find a place to hang it...

Muskogee Residential Streets

"S" Street
Muskogee residential streets were still snow covered Monday morning.  By monday afternoon, this particular street was greatly improved.  However, Muskogee cancelled school for the 6th straight day for Tuesday, ahead of a major winter storm due in on Wednesday....

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snow Day Activity

Audrey has become an amateur hair-stylist, having cut Sally's hair twice and my hair once.


I took this picture of the icicles hanging off the front porch.  Pretty cool....

Friday, February 04, 2011

OK This is just ridiculous!

We ended up with an additional 4 inches or so after the 10-12 inches we had from the blizzard.  Just crazy.


We put out a new birdfeed mix and it has attracted Cardinals.  I took a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

Still Snowing

Another 4 inches or so expected today (on top of the 12 inches already on the ground)

Round 2

I can't believe it!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Too Dependent on Walmart

We ventured out into the ice covered streets of Wagoner because we were out of milk and kitty litter....

Crews have been busy clearing parking lots all along Hwy 51 (Cherokee St) in Wagoner, with one snow pile we observed as being over 12 feet tall!

Walmart was open and fairly busy.  The lot had been plowed, but was still snow packed.

As we walked around the store, we found shelf after shelf bare.  One of our church members works there and told us they haven't had a delivery in 3 days.  They were out of milk, chicken, eggs, and many other things.

This got me to thinking...if insurgents wanted to really strike at the heart of America, all they'd have to do is to take out the Walmart distribution centers.  We have become so reliant on Walmart, that it is our only grocery store and clothing store in Wagoner.

Walmart has gone into town after town, undercutting everyone's price, driving them out of business, leaving Walmart the only show in town.  When we have a minor crisis like this, we find ourselves at the mercy of the Walmart trucks being able to deliver the goods.

Just something to think about.

Here are some pics to illustrate:

There were more people complaining about WM being out of beer than anything else!  Just pitiful....

No eggs.

No chicken.

Yes, we have no bananas.

No milk.

Two packages of Lil Smokies....

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Google Ads

I decided to subscribe to Google Ads and allow them to place ads on my blog to generate a little extra revenue.  Unfortunately, not many people are clicking on the ads (the way I get paid) so far, and I haven't been paid anything yet.

I am able to decide what categories of ads Google places.  I decided to allow them the "religious" topic.  UNFORTUNATELY, the Mormons have LOTS of Google ads and they appear on my blog frequently.

Under no circumstances do I endorse ANY of the ads that Google places on my site, but especially the Mormon ads.  DO NOT CLICK the Mormon ads.  I would block them, if I could figure how to do it.

Otherwise, if you see an ad that interests you, PLEASE FEEL FREE to click on it.

Playing in the snow

They had to try out the tire swing in the snow!

How girls write their names in the snow

With icicles, of course!

Brave girls

At 13 degrees, maybe it isn't "bravery".

Got it!

I had to go dig out Sally's car from the church canopy.  I was honestly afraid I'd have trouble, as the drifts were VERY deep.  But I put it in low four wheel drive and made it out with only a little difficulty.

About to fall?

Snow hanging off the roof at church.