Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's the "Little Things"

It's no secret that I am easily amused, entertained, and satisfied. Quite honestly, I think that is a secret of a good life; being satisfied with the simple things.

One of the simple things that makes me happy happens from about the first of November until about mid-March or the first part of April; at least in Oklahoma.

I'm talking about cold tap water!

I love being able to go to the sink and getting a nice cold glass of water without having to go to the freezer to get ice. I love brushing my teeth with cold water. I like taking a Tylenol with cold water. Granted, it isn't great for face or hand washing, but that's what the "HOT" tap is for, right?

When we lived in the tropics, there was NEVER cold tap water. Sometimes is got "cool"; but never cold.

This morning, when I was brushing my teeth, I enjoyed an extra Dixie cup full of cold water, just for the sheer enjoyment! Have a cup of cold water on me!
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