Friday, September 30, 2005

Here is the guy that painted the sign

Now, I wanna see a picture of the "ugly woman".

Rains from Damrey cause dam to break -flooding Chiang Mai

Beneath the flood water is the railroad track that connects Chiang Mai with Bangkok.

Typhoon Damrey bursts dam

Typhoon Damrey dumped so much rain on Northern Thailand that a dam failed. The waters flooded the highway that runs through the center of Chiang Mai causing incredible traffic problems.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Flood report

My, my, my!  The 9:00 am report shows the water level at 4.24 meters, with the water rising 10 cm per hour.  There is still a huge amount of water upstream and that reporting station is still rising, too.  They are now predicting that it will peak at over 5 meters around 2 pm today.  They have already closed the main bridge across the river, although the highway bridges remain open.  Water should enter my office neighborhood at 4.2 meters and flood inside the building at somewhere around 4.5-4.7.  I sure hope the sandbags work this time. 


Sally and I are getting to go for a drive.  I’ll post some pictures, if I find anything worth taking a picture of at this point.

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Today is my little girl's birthday. I love her so much!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bursting Dams

A dam north of Chiang Mai has failed and the water is expected to flood Chiang Mai in about 12 hours.  The city is bracing for a flood on at least the same level as the August flood.

Bangkok Post Wednesday 28 September 2005 - Flash floods hit the North

Bangkok Post Wednesday 28 September 2005 - Flash floods hit the North

Someone pointed out in a comment below, that Damrey was going to miss us. That is true! However the rain from a tropical storm probably won't. It started raining today as a result of this weather system. We never thought that we would actually have a typhoon here. We were concerned with the heavy rains and flooding that comes with it.

Flood Number 3

This whole flood thing has me puzzled.  The authorities said they were going to release water from the dam last night at midnight, but they didn’t.  The Army is out en masse placing sandbags all along the Ping River and along a brand new earth dike that has been placed along a low point on the river bank.  According to the flood monitoring website, the river level has been dropping for two days.  Why didn’t they release water?  Are they gambling that Typhoon Damrey will go outside our rain basin?  What is the deal?  Are they going to inundate the city with flood water after they see the rain starting to fall?  In my opinion, this is very bad flood management.  Actually, it isn’t management at all.  Wassup with that?  Don’t get me wrong.  I would rather it NOT flood.  But we are ready for it if it does.  (I hope)



I realize that I am often guilty of complaining.  However, I hope I never get accused of complaining even if I were hung with a new rope!  There are some people like that who would complain if they didn’t have something to complain about!


Now, they’ve got me complaining about the complainers.

Hard to tell

It's hard to tell whether he looks more like his mom or his dad.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I hope

I hope this casket was empty when it floated away!

Hey! Check this out!

Capital Homes | Team

This is my baby sister! I'm so proud of her!


Well, I just sent an email out to the entire office telling everyone to stay at home tomorrow until they hear differently.  We just got word that the authorities are going to be releasing water from the dam at midnight tonight.  We are sandbagging again!

When will this end?????

Typhoon Damrey Coming!

Typhoon Damrey on the way.

My apologies to the Naval Maritime Forcast Center/ Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

High and Dry

High and Dry
I found this picture on Yahoo today! There has to be a sermon in there, somewhere...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vanquish Interior

Yes, I DO realize that I will never own a Vanquish. But if I did, the interior would look like this. Ain't it purdy?

Flood Monitoring Website

The Flood Monitoring Website has changed addresses.  It is now  I am so glad that it is up and running so that we can do some off-site water level monitoring.


Here’s a bubble for ya:


Man, I’m tired.

My Buddy Scott

My friend, Scott, made it back to town today, with his wife and brand new baby. I'm really glad he's back. I can’t wait to “do lunch” and get caught up on new “daddy-hood”.

This is getting ridiculous!

Well, with the advent of Tropical Storm (Typhoon) Damrey, the Bangkok Post is reporting that we need to be ready for additional flooding this week. On Thai radio, the authorities are warning people that we will likely have more flooding on Wednesday. After all this is over, I am going to need a day off!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Almost back to normal

Well, after our own very little crisis, my office building is back to almost normal (whatever THAT is). The a/c's are A-OK and the water has been reconnected.

It is amazing how big something like this seems at the time, then pales in comparison to a real crisis like Katrina or Rita.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Still sweeping water out of the library.

The water is drying up.

The cleanup has begun!

Flood pics

I took the following flood pics this morning as I arrived at the office. There was still about an inch of water in the building, but it is all gone now. We had minimal loss this time. Probably lost some of the air conditioner units, but at least we didn't have carpet to deal with this time. Just newly laid tile. We just received all of our wooden furniture back from the refinishers just last week, so we have to have those re-done again.

more mud

The kitchen

The "Big" Room

Front reception office.

Flood Pics

Taken this morning while moving sandbags away from the front door.

I scream, you scream

We all scream for ice cream!

We made some home made orange sherbet this afternoon. It was (is) really good.

Opportunistic Capitalism

I took my family to look at the Ping River flooding and we stopped at the bridge on the middle ring road. There were many people stopped and several vendors took the opportunity to make a little cash. I guess you gotta get it where you can!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

6 inches of water

We got about 6 inches of water in the building from the flooding. Apparently, the sandbagging worked, but the water came up through the drains in the bathroom. According to the flood report website, the water peaked at 4.71 meters. The 8 am report showed it finally going down, measuring at 4.70 meters.

Tropical Storm Vicente is the culprit


Here is an article describing how Tropical Storm Vicente is the villian behind the heavy rains causing the flooding.

Flood Levels 21:00

The 9 pm water level of the Ping River was 4.57 meters with 666 cubic meters/second volume. Check it out for yourself at:

It's a Mud Mud Mud Mud World!

Well, here is a pic of our friends' house which was flooded last night. I got a call around 11 pm to come and help put the furniture up, but, when I got to my truck, it already had water to the doors. I tried to drive out of our neighborhood, but it flooded out. Actually, I learned today, that I shorted out the entire electrical system. Anyway, they had about 8 inches of muddy water in their house last night and the above pic is the left-overs from the flood. Delightful, huh?

America's Funniest Videos

Well, here I am, sitting in my easy chair, right here in Chiang Mai, Thailand watching America's Funniest Home Videos. They are showing some funny wedding videos and one pops up there, right on the screen. I tell my wife that "hey, that looks like our church!", back in Vinita, OK. (FBC). Basically, the stain glass windows look familiar. As we continue to watch it, we think we recognize the pastor, then the groom, then the bride! It IS our church! It is Dee Robinson and Brenda Bailey-Morehead getting married. We never would have thought we would have seen the church that we were married in right there on AFV!

By the way, the video is one of the ones where when the couple kisses, the little boy ring bearer turns arounds and gags.

I didn't even know they got married! Congrats Dee and Brenda!


Well, as of 4 pm today, the Ping River is at 4.33 meters. It will enter our office at 4.5 We have it sand bagged, but who knows if it will work. The cell phone system isn't working too well with all the water. What a mess!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Name Changed to Protect the Goofball

I have officially changed the web address of BoyneBlog to I hope I didn't lose anyone in the process.

Win or lose...

Win or lose, I am still a Sooner fan. (And, boy! did we lose!)

No excuses. Not a fair weather fan. Dyed in the crimson wool. BOOMER SOONER!

(In the words of my mother "God love 'em".)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Dog shoots man

Dog shoots man - The Other Side - Breaking News 24/7 -

Gotta read it to believe it, then you still may not believe it!

This is what I would like for Christmas

Aston Martin Vanguish v12

Or, maybe when I grow up, I can have one like it. It is an Aston-Martin Vanquish v12.

Specifications: (from the Aston-Martin website)

All alloy, quad overhead camshaft, 48-valve, 5935cc 60° V12 front engine, rear-wheel drive Twin PTEC engine management system controlling fuel-injection, ignition and diagnostics Fully catalysed stainless steel exhaust system with active by-pass valves
Compression ratio: 10.8:1
Maximum power: 388 kW (520 bhp) at 7000 rpm
Maximum torque: 577 Nm (425 lb.ft) at 5800 rpm
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.8 seconds; 0-160 km/h (100 mph) in 9.8 seconds Maximum speed: Over 321 km/h (200 mph)

Full grain leather and Alcantara interior
Driver and front passenger airbags
Electrically controlled front seats incorporating optional seat heaters
Air conditioning
Heated rear screen and optional heated front screen
Alarm and immobiliser system with remote central locking and boot release
Tyre pressure sensing system
Automatic rain sensing wiper operation
Blade mounted washer jets
Automatic headlamp operation
Auto dimming rear view mirrors
Trip computer
Instrument pack message centre display
Battery disconnect switch
Battery conditioner
Boot-mounted umbrella
First aid kit

In-Car Entertainment
Linn audio 1200 W, 13 speaker, 13 channel system with stereo radio cassette and six CD autochanger

Length: 4665 mm (183.7 inches)
Width: 1923 mm (75.7 inches)
Height: 1318 mm (51.9 inches)
Kerb weight: 1875 kgs (4133 lbs)
Wheelbase: 2690 mm (105.9 inches)
Boot space: 0.24 cu. m. (8.48 cu.ft.)
Fuel tank capacity: 80 litres (17.6 Imp. galls., 22.0 US galls.)
95RON unleaded fuel only

Fuel Consumption*
Litres/100 km (mpg)
Urban: 28.2 (10.0) Extra urban: 13.4 (21.0) Combined: 18.9 (14.9)
CO2 Emissions: 448 g/km*
* Not applicable to North America

Gas Mileage (mpg) - North America
City: 11.0
Highway: 17.0

MSRP: $234,260 (but it is hand-made)

What I would be concerned about, of course, is with the rising price of gasoline, how can I afford to drive this beauty with a 22 gallon gas tank and only 11 miles per gallon? Ouch. What I really do like about it is the "boot mounted umbrella". Everyone needs one of those.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hi Debbie!

Hello Debbie in Mt. Olive!!! Kelly says you are a devoted reader of the BoyneBlog. Thanks for dropping by!

Take some time and put your pin in my "guestmap".

Monday, September 12, 2005

Looks like we got out of this one

Well, the flood waters are receding and they didn't even get us! For the past couple of hours, the river flow has gradually eased up and the water level is going down. Hopefully, we won't get heavy rains and/or they decide to open the dam gates wide!

So far, so good

Well, the river is flooding, and the water is still rising, but we escaped any flooding at our office last night. We aren't letting our guard down, though, as it could get worse today.

Here we go again!

The Ping River is flooding again. I have just spent the afternoon securing items on our first floor and in our warehouse. We are waiting on the person who went to buy the plastic sheeting so that we can put the sandbags around the doors.

Pray for the poor folks who stand to loose everything, again!

Sunday, September 11, 2005


What kind of a two-bit outfit do they have going here?? The AP poll dropped OU to number 21 DESPITE a win! That is outrageous!!!! OK, we lost the first one and dropped 10 points, but we won the second one and we drop another 3? Come on!


Four years ago

Four years ago a group of fanatics changed the world. Like it or not, they did. I certainly don't like it. Imagine what a group of fanatics could do who had righteousness on their mind.

I'm tired of all the nonsense that this change has brought. I am sickened by people who think that they can make a positive change with violence.

Here is my message to the families of those who hijacked those planes: "Your sons died in vain".

Here is my messge to the families and survivors of the attacks: "God forbid that political correctness prevents the networks from showing the crashes and the falling towers. The dead deserve more than that".

Here is my message to those who scheme violence in the future in the name of Allah: "God is love; killing people does not get your point across. Don't be stupid. Or evil."

OK, enough preaching for today.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

You're the greatest Mom in the whole wide world and I love you very much!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Number 18

and I guess we are lucky to have that! And yes, I would like some cheese with my whine.

(Actually I think I know what the problem was. Our boys were so over-burdened with the disaster in the Gulf States that they couldn't concentrate on something like football.)


Monday, September 05, 2005

1500 Cuban doctors

Castro has offered 1500 Cuban doctors to come and assist with the disaster relief. From an honest opinion, I really think it would be a good idea to allow them to come. It would provide such a wonderful opportunity for mutual respect. I think it would be a good exchange of ideas and medical practice. And, when all is said and done, we would end up with 1500 new American citizens! What a deal!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hope coming

This is an INCREDIBLE photo I found. The planeload of supplies and rescuers were flying into Biloxi when one of the people on board took this picture. Things that come to mind: hope from above; "I have put My bow in the sky as a promise"; cirlcle of protection. The shadow also looks like a cross.

Lord, may the people of the Gulf Coast look up to YOU and find salvation. Protect the helpless who still need rescuing. Be glorified in this terrible time of hardship that Your Name may be known among the nations.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I think this guy is serious!

I found this image today from AP on Yahoo. Kind of sums up the situation in New Orleans.