Monday, December 15, 2008

60 degree temperature change in 10 hours

Yesterday, (Sunday) we set a new record high temperature in NE OK. It was 75 degrees. Quite frankly, it was really nice, except for the 30 mph gusts. An Arctic cold front blasted it's way across the Central Plains states yesterday afternoon and sometime between 4 and 4:30 pm, it hit the Wagoner area.

By church time, it was already snowing in Osage country (75 miles NW of Wagoner) and by about 10:45 pm, we were in a heavy sleet storm.

The ground surface temperatures were about 45 degrees, so the sleet quickly melted. However, since the temperature was about 23 or so, it quickly refroze, forming a dangerous layer of ice.

Today, there isn't a school within 60 miles of Wagoner that is in session today. Fortunately, there are no power outages, as they are experiencing in the Northeastern states. From Kansas City to Lubbock, it is flat cold out there! (at least my friends in KC and Lubbock have indicated that!)

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