Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Church Sign

We've been awfully excited this week as we (Immanuel Southern Baptist Church) have installed a new church sign. I took a picture of it yesterday but noticed that with all of the debris from the old sign and from the dirt we took out of the hole, that it wasn't very "pretty". So, I put my photo-doctoring skills to the test and "cleaned-up" the job site a little bit. Voila!

All that is left to finish it is to install the skirt around the two bare poles. It was inadvertently left off at the manufacturing plant and will be delivered tomorrow morning.


Our First Son said...
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M. Steve Heartsill said...

If removing debris were only as easy as photo-doctoring...maybe a deacon or two will come along and handle it while you are sleeping tonight!

Writer said...

Good work on Photoshop. Just goes to show that we can't believe any picture we see. :)

BTW, please tell me you're not going to put those stupid sayings on your church sign.


Rick Boyne said...


Oh how I wish!

Thanks. No, this should be about the corniest I ever get. The rest will be announcements or Scripture.

Although, there are a few I can think of that relate to the heat...

1. Think it's hot here? It's even hotter in Hell.

2. Hot? Come on in; we're "prayer conditioned".


Anonymous said...

A "sign of progress" for your church! How wonderful!!!!

YEA, ummmmmm, leave those goofy sayings on the computer screen.
Cool, thought provoking sermon topics are my favorites.


M. Steve Heartsill said...

I'll have to blog sometime on my site about the sign I once put up: "$70,000 missing from church treasury. Details Sunday."

Needless to say, full house Sunday morning!

Okay, let the complaints about my sign come! I'm ready. I think!