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Surrendered - Get Ready to Serve! was written to answer the question, "OK, I surrendered to missions. Now what?"

Too many times, someone surrenders to missions but has no idea what to do next. Even if they go to their pastor or campus minister they may get the response, "uhhhh".  The initial excitement goes away and the call is never cultivated.

This practical guide to personal missions preparation is for anyone of any age from any denomination. Geared primarily for Americans, this guide will help set you on the right path to missions, giving you practical things you can do RIGHT NOW to get ready to serve.

As promised in the book, below you will find links found in each chapter. To pique your interest, the title of each chapter is given, even if there is no link to click. In some cases, there may be links provided that weren't included in the book.

Chapter 1 - First Things First
Jim Elliot

Chapter 2 - Passports
US State Department Passport Application
Passport Renewal
Expedited Passport Options

Chapter 3 - Defining your Call

Chapter 4 - Preparing your Family & Friends

Chapter 5 - Preparing your Spirit
The Roman Road
The 4 Spiritual Laws

Chapter 6 - Preparing your Mind
Rosetta Stone
Squat Toilet  (Pictures)


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