Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Robert and Faye Griffen and me!

Kelly King at the State Evangelism Conf.

Robin isn't all THAT tall!

When I'm standing on a curb!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oklahoma Shooters Association

 Live in Oklahoma?  Like guns?

Then join the Oklahoma Shooters Association. 

It's a great community of folks who like to talk about guns, ammo, hunting, and lots of fun things. There is a forum where you can engage in conversation, or just lurk.


There's also a classified section for firearms, weapons, ammo, etc.

Friday, January 20, 2012

One Week Later - Still No Monetary Donations

It's been exactly one week since two Wagoner families lost everything they own in a house fire. I set up a benefit account at First Bank and Trust in Wagoner called, "Benefit Fund for Rankin Family Fire Disaster."  I was required to make an initial deposit to open the account.

I called the bank Friday morning at 9:45 to check the balance. I am extremely disappointed to report that one week after the fire disaster, there have been no other deposits made to this account.

I spoke with family members Wednesday night. They said they have clothes for the children, but have not yet secured a house to rent.  And, of course, they also had to endure the robbery of their burned out house. Thieves took the washer & dryer, furnace, hot water tank, air conditioner unit, and the bicycles and lawnmower that were stored outside!

If you would like to donate to help these families, please send your check (in any amount) to

Benefit Fund for Rankin Family Fire Disaster
c/o First Bank and Trust
111 S. Casaver Ave
Wagoner, OK 74467

Donations in any amount will be appreciated.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Insult to Injury

The Wagoner families that lost everything in a house fire last week, received further loss today when thieves broke in and stole the washer and dryer from the burned out house. They were being rented from a local rent-to-own store which was supposed to come by tomorrow to evaluate whether or not they could be salvaged.  They also stole the children's bicycles from the yard.

How low can you go?

Read about the original loss here and to find out how you can help.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Help Needed after Fire

Early morning, January 13, 2012, two Wagoner families lost everything in a house fire. There are four adults and three children involved. No one was injured, but they lost two out of three pets.

Flames at Midnight

The Red Cross has already provided immediate shelter needs and vouchers for meals.

There has been a fund established at First Bank & Trust in Wagoner. Monetary donations should be sent to:
Benefit Fund for Rankin Family Fire Disaster
c/o First Bank and Trust 111. S. Casaver Ave
Wagoner, OK 74467 

Family #1 

Girl #1 age 7
Shirt 6x (size child medium)
Pants 7
Shoes 13

Girl #2 age 8
Shirt child medium
Pants 7
Shoes 2

Girl #3 age 10
Size 12 (Child large)
Pants 12
Shoes 3

Woman #1
Shirt XL
Pants 13-14
Shoes 8 1/2

Man #1
Shirt XL
Pants 36x36
Shoes 10 1/2

Family #2 

Woman #2
Shirt 3XL
Pants 46
Shoes 11

Man #2
Shirt Med or Large
Pants 31x32
Shoes 10 1/2

The Morning After

They will be staying a hotel through Monday. They have NO WHERE to store anything at the moment. If people want to help, they can begin gathering things. The contact for the family is Family #1's grandmother, Doris Rankin, phone 918-201-4042.

House Fire

Saturday, January 07, 2012

ArmsList dot com

Want good prices on mostly used, but also new firearms?  Check out THIS LINK

Armslist is a great place to check the going prices of guns and to maybe pick up a bargain, and help me win a hat in the process!  ;)

My Own "Little World"

Do you often feel that you live in your "own little world?"  Well, now you can, sort of...

Below is my own little world I created with this nifty internet program:

This on is of our house and our church as taken from a Google Street View Image.  You can make your own little world by going to this link:  For your viewing pleasure, I've left it on Times Square in New York City.  Streetview Stereographic


2012 - For many, this will be a year of fear and anxiety. Pagan religions have predicted the end of the world this year. Should you be worried? Should you be afraid? Should we give any credence to it at all? What does it mean?

The Mayan’s calendar “ends” on December 21, 2012. Maybe they ran out of room on the carving rock. Perhaps they figured someone else would make a new rock calendar when the time came. Perhaps they had something else in mind.

The fact of the matter is, that as a believer, we do not have to worry about ancient pagan prophesies about the end of the world. We only need to be concerned with God’s word.

If a person is not saved, they do need be worried, not so much about ancient pagan prophesies, but about the end of the world, or at least, the end of their own person world (their life).

(Intro from my New Year's Sermon, "Good Advice for a New Year" based on Philippians 4:6-8. You can read the sermon notes here or listen to the full sermon as preached on January 1, 2012, here.)