Wednesday, September 03, 2008

World's Tallest Hill

A comment on another post of this blog got me curious about something I've always heard about but didn't really know anything about.

I've always heard that Oklahoma was home to the "world's tallest hill".

I know. That sounds funny.

But, according to Wikipedia,
Cavanal Hill (officially Cavanal Mountain according to the US Geological Survey) located at Poteau, Oklahoma is billed as the tallest hill in the world at 1,999 feet (609 meters), based on the idea that it would be classified as a mountain if it were 2,000 feet or higher.

So, there you have it. Oklahoma: not all flat.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the internet great?
Just chase things that interest you. It's like a lil vacation!

M. Steve Heartsill said...

You Alabama...we just call that a mole wacky Oklahomians...

Anonymous said...

Sounds very 'Chinese', they just love to have titles like "World's Tallest / Longest / Shortest / Oldest ... etc"

I guess human 'vanity' is the same in Oklahoma as it is in China! (And I suspect the world over too!)

M. Steve Heartsill said... this the only thing to be proud of in OK?

Oh...I hear you...that small little football team...but, don't brag too soon...

Rick Boyne said...

Steve H,

First of all it's "Oklahomans"

Second, as I said on your blog, we have nothing here in Oklahoma; no lakes, no fishing, no hunting, no BBQ, no tourism; nothing but Indian casinos. Now don't bother to come and see for yourself; there is nothing here.

You'll be able to see the football for yourself; I don't joke about that.

Steve W., not only the world's tallest, but we also have the world's first: shopping cart, yield sign, parking meter, and electric guitar! Not to mention the world's largest McDonald's.

M. Steve Heartsill said...

My dear Rick...I have been to OK...I agree with everything you have said in your previous comment.

Anonymous said...

Ahem . . .
No, nothing. Not even good people.
; )

Actually, we travel a lot with my husband in the industry he is in. One important thing we have noticed is that people in Oklahoma are some of the friendliest we have experienced.

We have FOUR seasons, each of them full of their own unique grandeur. We can keep the same clothes in our closets almost all year long because sometimes we have multiple seasons in just a one day period of time. LOL!

We are leaders in the energy front and at times are the heartbeat of the economy. (Natural gas, wheat, oil, biodiesel and alternative fuels, etc.)

We have sand dunes, salt plains, beautiful prairie, mountains and molehills, red dirt and brown, an incredibly low cost of living, easy airport access, amazing nationally ranked sports teams of all kinds, excellent arts and cultural opportunities, religious variety, and so much more.

(SEE Tall Grass Prairie, Turner Falls, Red Rock Canyon, Kiamichi Mountains, Little Sahara, etc.)

Speaking of sports teams, just putting it on a HIGH SCHOOL level, the Union/Jenks rivalry is nationally known and both teams have been near the top nationally in rankings AND Owasso baseball is right at the top (again) nationally. College sports are also great and hey, someone is finally figuring out that the big teams deserve to come here, too!

Just last week when I closed on a property I realized just how wonderfully affordable it is to live here. An 1800 square foot home on the most beautiful rolling 40 acres with two ponds, wildlife, fruit and berries went for 205,000. It was NOT a trailer home and there were no trailer homes in the vicinty.

We also have the highest number of National Merit Finalists attending our favorite university and yes, Rick, you and I attended THAT university!

(Okay, the downsides are terrible roads, trailers next to mansions, low teacher pay, high divorce rate, convenience stores or Walgreens on EVERY corner, high teen pregnancy rate to name a few.)

Rick Boyne said...


Thank you for helping to keep "our little secret".

samantha gray said...

hey to all of you who have been saying bad things about Oklahoma and poteau stop k cause i live in Poteau and it rocks we are the home of the pirates we have an awesome wrestling team well at least to me and we do have the worlds tallest hill and im shere most of you havent even been to oklahoma or even been on top of the hill so stop cause you guys are wrong poteau rocks!

Anonymous said...


We have a hill that is 609.5M -actually, we have 3 that have been surveyed, I'm sure there are more we haven't discovered yet.

That works out to 1 999.67192 feet... maybe you need to change it to 'Highest Hill in the USA"?.