Monday, September 15, 2008

Texan Stubbornness


Stubbornness can be good, but is usually bad.

Government authorities issued a mandatory evacuation of Galveston, TX, BEFORE Hurricane Ike. Evidently, THOUSANDS chose to disregard this evacuation, which was supposed to be at their own peril.

Yesterday, they evacuated 2000 people from Galveston Island. Today, they are estimating that they will evacuate 4000 people.

I don't understand this. Why do people think they know best? Why to folks think they can "get by" then call 9-1-1 for help, when help is not available.

As I sat watching this unfold on the news this morning, I was both perplexed and a little agitated with this situation. Mandatory Evacuation means mandatory evacuation, does it not?

I'm sorry that all this heartache and destruction has fallen on the cities of the Texas Coast, but it is really hard to feel sorry for folks who went against orders and decided to stay.



M. Steve Heartsill said... be even more crass, I suppose...guess who winds up footing the bill for the people who didn't do as they were told to do! That's right, my fella taxpaper! You and me! We pay for their stubbornness!

Maybe, just maybe, if we started billing people for these might cut down on the calls...

Okay...don't make me angry!

David Richardson said...

Completely agree with you! It sort of burns me up when I see that. They can't say they weren't warned.

Hey, I enjoyed checking out your blog. Will certainly come back!

Anonymous said...

I remember when other friends of ours overseas were trying to decide to leave a certain city due to the unrest. (You have personal ties to that city as well.) One big factor in their decision was that they REALIZED by staying they would put another human life at risk - the person that would be responsible for coming in to try to rescue them.

Those doing the rescues really do put their lives at risk in these situation. And yes, it's frustrating that everyone else pays in the end.

Michael said...

I agree 100%. I understand not leaving if you are too poor to leave and have nowhere to go, but that is a completely different issue. People who have the ability to leave should have. This isn't stubbornness. It's stupidity.

Rick Boyne said...

Tide Steve,

What a great idea! If they've been warned, and still need rescuing, BILL 'EM!

Thanks for coming by! You are welcome here.

stormgirl (I like that),

It boils down to SELFISHNESS!


Yep, but they started setting up refugee centers in Oklahoma City three days in advance of Ike. I imagine that if you really wanted to get out, you could.

Anonymous said...

A family of co-workers here stayed because of many milk cows and horses on their farm. They did fine, loved on the cows and horses through the storm, and have generators. (And they are not asking for help) They've been there, done this many times before.
So, not all who stayed are nuts.
B & J S

Rick Boyne said...


My rant was against the people who stay then decided to call 9-1-1. I do understand staying when you are genuinely equipped. But most folks don't have enough sense to know that they ARE genuinely equipped!

Good thought!