Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin - The Barracuda

I watched Sarah last night at the RNC. I believed her. I was very impressed by her. Her sense of humor was great. I liked how she called hockey mom's "Pit bulls with lipstick". She embodies America.

She is the same age as me. This IS my generation!

I loved her daughter licking her hand to slick down the hair of her baby brother. That was wonderful!

I like how her husband is called the "First Dude" of Alaska. That is just plain funny!

I heard that they call her the "Barracuda" in Alaska. She, and others, kept calling McCain the "Maverick". I'll bet that is their Secret Service code names!

Maverick and Barracuda; I'm glad we now have a better choice.


Anonymous said...

I don't normally speak out on my preferences in the political arena, mainly because I'm not into debate. (I'm not smart enough!)

I have to say that I was very, very excited about Sarah Palin and listened from beginning to end.

I'm totally impressed and at ease with this choice. I realize that she has speech writers and that there were things stated that were directed by others BUT I believe what we saw (the delivery) was very real and very believable.

I absolutely think we need her brilliance and her humor in the White House. She is experienced in politics, law and policy making, financial restraint, internationally informed, and most of all, she's in touch with reality of life - as a wife and working mom.

There is OBVIOUSLY a happy, supportive family there. Kids don't put on that kind of face (smiles!) and behavior just for cameras. It was real. The father holding holding the baby - adoring him - not ignoring his struggles. The fact that they included Bristol's boyfriend as "family" shows a commitment to help these young people through their difficult time. The youngest daughter licking her fingers to slick down brother's hair and other things I observed were all unscripted. Just very real.

I do think she's qualified - and her statements of "proof" were justifiably valid when she reference her opponent's LACK of experience.

Her positive apprisal of the war on terror was also appreciated.

Michael said...

Ya know, I am usually very cynical about politics which stems mainly from actually working in the "profession".

As a conservative (a real one, not a neoconservative, or a republican) I have been disillusioned for about 6 years now. McCain isn't the best representation of my ideology, but I think Palin is the real deal.

I really wish she was at the top of the ticket. I love the fact that she is a normal person. She didn't go to Yale or Harvard. Her husband is a snowmobile racer/oil worker who quit his job to be a stay at home dad.

Regardless of what people think of her politically, they would be hard-pressed to argue that she doesn't represent America. Her family doesn't seem elitist and they have their problems just like the rest of us.

I wish every Republican was like her. I just hope that she stays true to her roots and convictions. So often with power comes corruption of the individual.

For the first time in many years I actually believe a politician means what they say and says what they mean.

Writer said...

Go, Sarah, go!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't resist.

It's no secret!