Thursday, September 18, 2008

Politics as usual

Have you been following the ad duels of Jim Inhofe and Andrew Rice?

I'll admit that during the primaries, I was impressed with Andrew Rice. He said he had served as a Christian missionary in Asia. ( I guess that was the only part that impressed me)

Then, after the primaries were over, there were new ads on TV talking about that he was, in fact, a liberal and supported gay marriage and abortion. Rice came back and said that Inhofe's ad was an attack and it wasn't true. Inhofe came back with an ad that backed up what they claimed with voting records.

So, I decided to find out for myself.

I just got off the phone with some volunteer at the Rice Campaign Headquarters in OKC. (I love cell phone minutes!)

I asked three questions based on what I have seen on TV:
1. What is his stand on gay marriage?
2. What is his stand on abortion?
3. How long did he serve as a missionary?

I couldn't get an honest answer without asking the questions about 3 or 4 times each in 3 or 4 different ways.

The answers as I received them:
1. pro-civil union
2. pro-choice
3. 1 year in Sri Lanka with the Catholic church.

The person indicated that all of Inhofe's "facts" were skewed and inaccurate. He said that they abortion bill he voted for was for the OU Health Sciences under the condition where the mother's life was in danger. (so I guess that part WAS true)

The person indicated that Rice is a supporter of traditional marriage, but also supports civil-unions. (I guess that it isn't REALLY a supporter of traditional marriage then).

Since I had "heard" that he only served for a week in Asia, I was delighted to find that it was actually a short term mission instead of just a mission trip.

This kind of person is frightening. They are claiming that they represent "mainstream Oklahoma" values, when in fact, they represent the liberal values of California and New York.

It is my goal that Andrew Rice doesn't win a term in the US Senate.

(these personal views are my own and do not represent any organization, institution, etc. I have the right to express them as a citizen of the United States of America)


Robin Foster said...


Thanks for the leg work on this.

Michael said...

I'm impressed with your legwork here. Most people don't go to the trouble. They just see R or D and vote accordingly.

. . . And I'm glad that your father is doing better. He has been prayed for here in TX.

Rick Boyne said...

Robin & Michael,

It just really irritates me to have all the lies in politics. I'm SICK of it.

Michael, thanks for the prayers!