Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oklahoma moves up (again)

Oklahoma is now number 2 in this week's poll. We can stay here all season until the National Championship game. That would be fine with me.

Boomer Sooner!


M. Steve Heartsill said...

Alabama moved up to #9...

Rick...maybe you and I should go ahead and be buying tickets to the championship game!

I'm sure we'll both be there!

Rick Boyne said...

Sure, if you really want to see OU and USC play for the championship.

Tide ain't gonna roll that far.

Sorry dude.

Anonymous said...

Sure, if you say so.

I kind think playing Chattanooga, Cincinnati, and Washington don't give us much of an idea of what OU can do against an equally matched opponent.

Then again, OU only has 3 ranked opponents all season long...

(You know I'm only giving you a hard time... grin!)

Go Gators!

Michael said...

Are you guys gonna be able to get past Mizzou and OSU? Both of those teams seem to have pretty potent offenses.

OU is definitely looking good, and should be number 2. I just think there are plenty of high-powered offenses in the Big XII that could cause y'all problems.

M. Steve Heartsill said... could be like Georgia. What have they done? Started the season at #1...won three games...and dropped to #4 in the nation...maybe they just need an off week, so they don't drop any more!

Rick...just wait until the BSC scoring kicks in...I'm not sure OU can maintain their current high ranking, due to the lack of strength of their have to admit, they really haven't played anyone! No one!

Rick Boyne said...

Gator Steve,
I'm definately NOT happy with our schedule this year. As Tide Steve has implied, it appears that we are only playing HS or Jr College level teams.

I wish we had a better schedule to showcase our boys.


You are right. OSU & Missouri will be some of our more tougher opponents this year. I truly hate a soft season. I don't know who makes up these schedules or how they are done, but I don't like it.

Tide Steve,

Oh, yes. The good ole "love to hate" BCS scoring poll. I am afraid of what that will do to us, too.

I'd just as soon be able to pick our own, but that would be total chaos.

M. Steve Heartsill said...

Strength of schedule isn't on your side this year ole friend...and who picks the schedule? Your school makes the picks!

Now, OU is an annual powerhouse, as Alabama used to be...after a while, no one wants to play you and get whipped each, it does make it hard to line up stiff competition each week...but, even you will admit, you guys have had some REAL softies!!! And, it doesn't get any better...