Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull

I've been waiting for this movie since it was announced. Sally and I went out to dinner and to see it last night, since both of the kids are away.

The only thing good about last evening was the company.

We went to Rib Crib; one of my favorite places. I ordered the Pulled Pork Dinner (as always). I think I must have gotten yesterday's leftovers. It was so greasy I couldn't eat it. At least the manager didn't charge me for it.

We went to see Indiana Jones. I knew who the bad guys were before the shootin' started. I must say I was really disappointed overall. There were some really good chase scenes. But, there was just simply TOO MUCH that was too far fetched, even for Indiana Jones. It was nice to see Miriam again. Like I said, the chase scenes were good, but, WOW! I don't want to blow it for you if you haven't seen it, so I won't give away the ending. All in all, I'm glad I saw it, but I don't think I'll go see it again or even buy the video.


Robin Foster said...


It wasn't as good as the 3rd (my personal favorite) or 1st movie, but it was better than the 2nd. I will buy the video. You and your family are invited over to my place to watch it. I will BBQ some chicken leg quarters and try not to make them too greasy. :-D

I did enjoy the movie, but it did not live up to the previous releases I mentioned above. Other than that, I thought it was a good flick.

Tim Tillinghast said...

Hey Rick,
I, too, looked forward to Indiana Jones 4 and was so STOKED to see it in Bangkok on the day it released there AND in the US. In fact, I saw it at 2 pm there so before anyone in the US except those at the Wed night midnight showings. . .

And I must say I really liked it. Yes, it was unbelievable BUT it captured all the fun essence of Indy, and was right up there with the 3rd movie, especially in its willingness to poke fun at itself and have a good time.

Tim Tillinghast