Sunday, June 29, 2008

African Memories

We had a wonderful visit with some wonderful friends from Africa. We first met the Freese's in 1997 in Maryland. Then, they took very good care of us when we lived in Guinea, West Africa.
They arrived here from West Africa last week and spent a couple of days with our friends, Wyman and Michelle Dobbs and family in Sallisaw. We went to pick them up last week and brought them here to Wagoner. We showed them around a little, but enjoyed our visit more than anything.

Here are the Freese, Dobbs, and Boyne kids.

Michelle, Amy & Sally

Wyman, Gregg, & Rick

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Anonymous said...

: ) Thanks for posting the pics.
The minute you mentioned names I was hoping to see a pic of Michelle! How wonderful you had a great time.

We just got in from evening worship. It was the post VBS, Falls Creek, Summit camp service. Tonight we baptised 18! (Last week nine!) GOD IS AT WORK. One of my daughter's classmates went. She is from an unchurched family that transplanted from California. She accepted Christ. SO HAPPY for her!! Now God needs to work in her home.