Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bye Bye BoyneBlog

Hello "RickBoyne.com"

As of about 10 am CDT, BoyneBlog cease to exist under that name. It is now, www.rickboyne.com Pretty, cool, huh?

The old address will continue to work and will simply redirect you to rickboyne.com

A little vain? Perhaps. But LOADS OF FUN! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Site looks great! Great header!

Tim Tillinghast said...

Woo hoo! Now I can see your blog again. (all the blogspot blogs are blogged by our content filter).


Melissa said...

Exciting news! Congrats!

by the way, don't know if you all have heard but we will be resigning from the board effective Sept 1. Dwayne will report for duty! Army Chaplain on Sept 15th. We'll be stationed at Ft. Lewis- Seattle Washington! :)

anyway, hope all is well with the fam -
say hello to your sweet fam!