Thursday, January 29, 2009

Travel Mercies

We often pray for "travel mercies". We learned to pray that when we lived in West Africa. We DEFINITELY prayed for travel mercies as we drove from OKC to Wagoner on Tuesday/Wednesday.

As we were leaving OKC, we saw NUMEROUS vehicles that had been abandoned after going off the road, crashing into bridges, and in two or three cases, rolling over. The roads were as bad as any I had ever seen in my life. In fact, I called and activated our church's prayer chain to pray for us as we traveled. I have not been that scared in a very long time.

As we were coming from Checotah towards Muskogee, we saw this FedEx trailer that had flipped on its side and had been abandoned.

Dale and I praise the Lord for a safe trip for us and want to express our appreciation to all who prayed for us!


M. Steve Heartsill said...

So that's where my fedex package is!

Would you mind driving back and getting it for me?

Rick Boyne said...

I think they had just "cleaned out" the trailer before we got there. We came upon two FedEx vehicles going VERY SLOW but almost bumper to bumper.

So, to answer your question, Yes-I would mind! ;-)