Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Funny Story

I can play the piano a little by ear. I can read music to sing, but not to play multiple notes at the same time on an instrument. (That's not the funny part)

Well, I've been encouraging people at church to not hide their talents and rely on God's strength to do things. Unfortunately, this convicted me as well. (That's not the funny part, either).

Sunday night, I asked the pianist if she had worked up a special for the "Offertory". She said she was just going to play a hymn, but hadn't picked one out yet. I asked her if I could play the offertory. She said "sure". (ok, that's kind of funny, but isn't the punch line yet)

So, as the deacons were praying for the evening offering, I slipped around to the organ. I had been practicing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" for some time and had even worked out a rudimentary foot pedal accompaniment. Well, as soon as the deacon said 'amen', I came down hard on the keys. Well the regular organist wasn't feeling well, so there hadn't been anyone even AT the organ when the deacon began praying. I forgot to pre-set the volume on the organ and it was like a rocket ship blasting off in the sanctuary! When I got done, people commented that "you ought to let us know before you do something like that again! It nearly scared us out of our shoes!"

Ok, that was the funny part. You can go about your business now.


Michael said...

Great story! I'm pretty sure if I tried to play the piano it would be a sin of some sort.

M. Steve Heartsill said...
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M. Steve Heartsill said...'s the real question...did you scare the money out of their wallets?

Anonymous said...

: )

M. Steve Heartsill said...

So...No Florida Gator love this morning?

Michael said...

I think Rick is in mourning this morning. Either that, or he is practicing his Gator Chomp.

Rick Boyne said...

Come one, guys! Gimme a break! Just because you all start your internet fun at 7 doesn't mean I do.

I wrote the Gator post before I read your comments, so, Take it for what it is worth and look at my blog post: Oklahoma 14 Florida 24.

Anonymous said...

At the old food court near my office 20 years ago different volunteers would play the piano during lunch time. Most would play beautifully but everyone was too busy to notice; we were eating! Anyway, one Friday, a lady who was not looking forward to being ignored once more began by playing the National Anthem VERY LOUD !! Slowly, one by one, everyone in the room stood. Everyone had a mouth full of food - but we did stand.
B & J S