Monday, January 12, 2009

Nigerian Bikers Wear Shells to Avoid Law

Police in Nigeria have arrested scores of motorcycle taxi riders with dried fruit shells, paint pots or pieces of rubber tyre tied to their heads with string to avoid a new law requiring them to wear helmets. The regulations have caused chaos with motorcyclists complaining helmets are too expensive and some passengers refusing to wear them fearing they will catch skin disease or be put under a black magic spell. The law came into force on January 1. (Reuters)

Me: I've seen construction hard-hats, and even some plastic pots used as helmets overseas. Quite a thing to witness!

[HT: Globetrotter Sue]


Bill (cycleguy) said...

If you don't mind Rick I will stick to my cycling helmet. I don't have the time to comb the netherworld for a turtle shell or any other kind of shell. And I sure as heck ain't going to wear no paint pot or plant pot on my head. People think I am freaky enough as it is. :)

Rick Boyne said...

Are you one of those spandex-wearing cycle freaks?

Anonymous said...

My favorite helmets are the Batman with wings helmets worn in Bangkok. Really funny looking. Rick, you may have a photo of them?
B & J S

Rick Boyne said...

No, I didn't get a picture of the BKK batman helmets. Now I wish I did!

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Yes i am one of those freaks. I can remember when i wore a pair of cut off shorts, a t-shirt, a baseball cap with headphones and tennis shoes when riding. Now I wear spandex bibshorts, a helmet, cycling shoes, gloves and definitely NO headphones of any kind.

Rick Boyne said...

Bill: Every time I hear the word "Spandex", I think of Eddie Murphy in "The Nutty Professor", where he loses all the weight and demands, "Spandex! Nothing but Spandex!" ;-)