Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help please!

Does anyone know of a FREE editor for .mov videos? I have found some on the net, but they display "Preview Only" through their "free" version.

I want to use my digital camera to make a video for the church, but it only records in .mov.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick

Email me with the brand and model of your camera. I'll ask the media team who are here with us in sunny, warm, dare I say, HOT south florida - it is 68 right now!

B & J S

Unknown said...

Here is a link of free video editing software:


Rick Boyne said...

B, BRAG, BRAG, BRAG!!! Will do.

Martin, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does the camera have a built-in editing program? Our Sony has one built-in only, it didn't have one to put on our computer. You actually edit the movies using the camera. If you download the movie and then try to re-load it back onto the camera, it doesn't work.
Just a thought. I've sent an email to the M people.
B & B S

J. Guy Muse said...

Though I haven't used it much, the video software I use is AVS which allows you to convert from one format to any other. The link is here.

Rick Boyne said...

Guy, Thanks! I had already downloaded it and it works absolutely wonderful. Wonderful that is until you are ready to save your movie. Then it puts a watermark right through the middle of the screen.... :-(