Friday, September 11, 2009

Old Friends - Sad News

I have really enjoyed getting reacquainted with friends from elementary school over Facebook! It has been great to see what folks are up to.

I was browsing some of my new "old" friends' profiles and saw comments from others, that have lead to new connections. I have been wondering about one of my old friends, Everett Archie, for a very long time and finally saw his little sister on FB. I wrote and asked about him only to find out that he had died in 1988!

I haven't seen my friend since eighth grade (1978) and he has been gone 21 years already. But the news hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so hoping to get back in touch with him through FB, but that shall never be.

It is so hard to think about my peers being dead. Everett and I were in Cub Scouts together and I always invited him to my birthday parties. Just knowing he's gone is really hard. I find myself overwhelmed with emotion today; a day of remembrance.

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TheStormentGirl said...

It IS really difficult to process. I work to find classmates for reunions and in the process have found SEVERAL are no longer with us. Sometimes it's shocking and tragic. Others were ill. Sometimes families do not want any further contact and sometimes they DO as it helps them heal. Life is short.