Saturday, September 12, 2009

Equipped for Adventure by Scott Kirby - Book Review

SCOTT KIRBY presents perhaps the most practical resource for short term mission trips currently available. Equipped for Adventure: A Practical Guide to Short-Term Mission Trips (New Hope Publishers 2006) is the prerequisite handbook for pastors, mission team leaders, and mission team participants. The first section of the book deals effectively with a case for short term mission trips and their necessity in our culture today. Kirby lays out the arguments for and against short term mission trips and adequately answers the concerns for the perceived short-comings of short term trips.

The second section of the book gets right to the heart of the matter of planning, funding, preparing, promoting, and potential problems of short term missions. This is not a simply theory text; it is a practical guidebook which should be required reading for every pastor (for its passionate case for mission involvement) every short term mission team leader (for it practical guide to think about what could be easily overlooked) and every short term mission team participant (for its relevant and practical advice).

As a former career missionary who has been on the field end of volunteer mission teams, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to current field personnel (missionaries) who may one day receive volunteer teams. If it were up to me, I would make this book part of any mission teams training prior to field arrival. As a current pastor, I plan on implementing the book in future short term mission trips in which my church will participate.

I honestly wish I would/could have written this book. It is an excellent resource and I recommend it unreservedly to any and all who will one day participate in short term missions.

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