Thursday, September 24, 2009

Now it's getting personal...

I honestly have only been paying a little attention to all of the health care hullabaloo, but now it's getting personal. According to the OS Hawkins, the president of Guidestone, if Obama's plan passes, it will spell the end of denominational health care providers.

Read about it here.

[HT: Jackie Bell]


Anonymous said...

You think it is bad in reference to health care, just wait until retirements are nationalized so that all have equal access to that. People might think that would never happen, but wait for it. It will be suggested that like Medicare's and Medicade's ills being solved by nationalizing the whole of healthcare providers, the saving of Social Security will be the natural next move to ensure that all have a resonable life style expectancy. Housing and food and clothing are next, much of which is widely available now if you're in the right class. Just ask ACORN. Even education is nearly a guarantee now for the handicapped class- minorities, women, et cetera.

I remember as a Social Work student, the temporary head of the department, the son of the president of the Association of International Social Workers, told me that the plan was to extend all our social benefits across the Mexican border. Failing to achieve their primary plan of enrolling legals and linking the two government's welfare systems, they opted for Plan B, flooding the U.S. with immigrants and ensuring that no oversight in welfare was mandated. Such is the case today. There are states like California that make it an illegal act just to ask what the applicant's status is.

The plan all along has been to redistribute wealth internationally. Most nations outside the U.S. have already made great strides in that direction, an outworking of the war against fascism that we thought we had won. Private retirements are an inpediment to global wealth redistribution. Many countries have already nationalized them.

You can bet that if Nat'l Heathcare is passed that coming next will be the civil right to retirement equality. And after that the other "bear necessities of life."

Luke Holmes said...

thats bad. guidestone has been good to me.

Anonymous said...

When I retired from LW in 1996 my insurance premium was 4% of my check. It's currently almost 40%. In just 13 years! I don't think Guidestone manages LW health ins. but it sounds like it does not. No matter, it's just too expensive.
When our current assignment ends in 6 months, we switch back to LW, so we're going to have some adjustments for sure! Rick, do you have a spare room out in back!?
Have a wonderful Lords Day. B & J S