Monday, September 28, 2009

Emily's Party

Emily had her kid party last Friday night at Honor Heights Park in Muskogee. We had such a great time! The weather was absolutely perfect and everything was wonderful!

Jumping rope

The obligatory Silly String Fiasco

Emily wanted a birthday cookie

While she invited several girls, some of them couldn't come because of extenuating circumstances...
But we all had a great time with those who made it!


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Rick: Congrats on living another day as a father. :) Have a family in the church who has friends in Chian Mai. Name is Mick & Ahnyi Ward. Do you know them? I also knew some who were missionaries there but for the life of me cannot remember their names. Probably will come to me in my sleep. Hope Emily had a nice b-day.

P.S. Just found the name: Tom & Debbie Morse at North Burma Christian Mission. There was a long line of Morses with the North Burma.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Sorry. Chiang Mai

Rick Boyne said...


I knew some Morses, but I'm not sure about Tom and Debbie. I'm told that there are about 3000 missionaries in Chiang Mai, as it is a safe haven for other areas where they aren't welcome.