Monday, March 23, 2009

The Marland Mansion

The Marland Mansion, Ponca City, OK

First on our Spring Break stop was the Marland Mansion in Ponca City, OK. It was built by 1920's oil tycoon, E.W. Marland. It has over 43,000 square feet and 55 rooms, including 10 bathrooms. If you try to compare it to Philbrook in Tulsa, the gardens and outside of the house has the Marland Mansion beat, hands down. Philbrook's architecture is more beautiful. However, the Marland Mansion is not an art museum. It is a home. Well, a palace, really.

Marland built the home for himself and his two adopted children. About 10 years after his wife died, he had the adoption annulled and married Lydie. They were married until he died in 1941. Marland was the governor of Oklahoma from 1935-1940.

Original millionaire's place setting.

The ballroom. The ceiling is gold leaf and the chandeliers are Waterford. They said it would cost $2 million to replace them today.

Mrs. Marland's sitting room.

The Oil Baron's Bedroom.

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