Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Funerals, Deceit, & Heresy

I just returned from a graveside funeral for an old saint in our church. She died 2 days before she turned 92. She has been in very poor health in a nursing home for quite some time. But, of course, now she walks the streets of gold!

By all accounts, this is one of whom it can be said, "she was a faithful servant". She taught Sunday School for more than 50 years. She taught Royal Ambassadors and Girls in Action. She was an ardent supporter of Vacation Bible School.

Yet she carried a terrible, heart-breaking burden.

She had a grave-side service because her family's church would not allow her to have a church service in their facility. They did not use our church facility because they do not recognize us as a worthy church. The strange thing is, however, they asked our associate pastor to perform the service, knowing that it was going to be a Baptist service.

All of her children, somehow, are Jehovah Witnesses.

How can a woman, who served the church faithfully since salvation at age 9, have all of her children abandon the Truth to follow a cult full of half-truths and heresy? It is a good thing that you are not judged on the actions/faith of others.

At the proper moment, people were encouraged to speak on behalf of the departed. All, without fail, spoke of her devotion to God, and to her children. Yet all of her family members told her that they would see her again on "the Paradise Earth".

Boy! Have they been deceived! The JW teaching says that only 144,000 people will be born again and reside in Heaven. The rest of them will have resurrected bodies and live on a resurrected earth. It is entirely too bad that they don't understand Scripture. The Bible says that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us and that He will come and get us when it is all ready. (John 14:1-4) It doesn't say that some of us will be left behind on this earth. It says that those who believe in Him will abide with Him in Heaven.

As I stood there listening to the families ramble on about "Paradise Earth" over and over, I truly felt sorry for them. They missed it entirely. They have a hope, but it is a false hope. They don't know the true Jesus.

Sin is like that. It gives false hope. I would hope that the men who dreamed up Jehovah Witnesses didn't deceive intentionally, but it sure seems to be that way. Of course, the great deceiver got a hold of them in the first place. It comes from not knowing God and what God says.
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