Friday, August 22, 2008

Quick Story

They say, "The worst day fishing is better than the best day working." After today, I'm not so sure!

When we got to the river, there was a boat laying on the ground on the boat ramp. Several guys were standing around and one finally made their way towards us (me and a guy from church). They said that they were launching their boat, but forgot to unhook the strap that hold it on the trailer. When they pulled out of the water, the 10 ft strap let out then pulled the boat right out of the river and up the ramp. The driver didn't even know it! Well, we all got together and lifted/shoved it back in the water.

Then came our turn. We couldn't get the motor started to save our lives! Finally, we gave up and pulled the boat back out of the river and decided to do some bank fishing. Well, I caught the two smallest catfish I have EVER seen. I bet they weren't 5 inches long each. We had several fish get our bait, but we didn't get any keepers.

Still, I came back smelling like fish!

I'm off to my in-laws for the evening and tomorrow. I probably won't have a chance to respond to any comments until Sunday or Monday...

Bonne Weekend!
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