Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oklahoma 57 - Chattanooga 2

The press described the hour long delay of game from the weather as a "mercy delay". We held it down to a 55 point trounce. A greater margin than I predicted, but, I'm OK with that!

Boomer Sooner!


M. Steve Heartsill said...

I see they didn't bring the jr. high, I know they were tired...

Oh...the best game of the weekend?

Alabama vs. Clemson...34-10!!!!

A mid-level SEC team taking on the best the ACC has to offer...yeah right!

Anonymous said...

We rooted for the Sooners today and got free Chick-Fa-Lay. If you wore a shirt with your favorite football team, you got the free food. So I wore my one and only Sooner shirt in, got mine, then went out. A minute later J entered wearing my shirt and got her free meal. Boomer Sooner for free food!
B & J S