Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It was a matter of time

I am NOT a racist. In no way do I condone the (alleged) actions of these people. Political assassination is bad enough, but based on race is even worse!

Three men are being held in Denver over allegations that they planned to assassinate Obama. One of the men was interviewed on the news and said, "The other guys didn't think a Black should be president".

For the record: I have no problem with an African-American President; I don't think Obama is the one. However, I can certainly imagine that there are some red-neck white-supremacists who will do anything to keep a minority out of the White House.

I plan to keep Obama out of the White House; I plan to vote.

I heard someone say the other day, "Any man would be a fool to not be Obama's VP choice. Chances are, Obama won't make it through his first term alive." It wasn't a threat; it was an observational prediction.

I think the Secret Service will have their hands full.

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M. Steve Heartsill said...

Sadly...I think you are correct Rick...there are some people in our society who dislike anyone different from them, and can't stomach the idea of someone of color being in office. I guess they would feel the same way about a person with Hispanic roots, or African roots, or German roots...wait...we'd best not dig too deeply or we'll uncover some "tragic" roots of our own, in our family family tree!

Too often, stupidity is far worse than skin color! In these men's case, true!