Friday, August 03, 2012

Pulling Out the "Hate" Card (and the "Victim Mentality"

I think the "Hate Card" has become the new "Race Card." You know, conveniently declaring everything else someone says is "Hate Speech" because you disagree with them and can't come up with any other good answer.

I've had the "Hate Card" pulled out twice on me in the past 24 hours on Facebook.

Interestingly, it had to do with religion and politics.

People who run out of things to say and end up saying, "You're just so full of hate" have essentially given up. They've fallen into a "Victim Mentality" that they aren't able to argue so they'll just insult the person instead.

How very sad.

Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I hate you!

Just the same, just because I lose an argument to you doesn't mean that I'm gonna hate you or say that you are full of hate speech or insult you!

I find it so interesting that simply standing up for God's word brings so much ire from people who say they follow Jesus.

Let's face it: abortion is anti-biblical, anti-God, and anti-Jesus; homosexuality is anti-biblical, anti-God, and anti-Jesus.

How can it be hate to declare what God says???

God loves us SO MUCH that He sent Jesus to deliver us from abortion, homosexuality, immorality, porn, gossip, murder, hatred, divorce, gluttony, addiction, promiscuity, gambling, drunkenness, grudges, (and a host of other sins).

Does God love the person who has an abortion, practices homosexuality, practices immorality, watches porn, engages in gossip, commits murder, harbors hatred, gets a divorce, etc?  Of course He does! He does not discriminate in His love for the sinner.

HOWEVER, He detests the sin! He abhors it. He cannot and will not tolerate it. In fact, He calls EVERY PERSON to repentance.

Ahhhh... repentance.  Therein lies the rub.

Everyone wants to be forgiven and go to Heaven, but no one wants to do what God wants you to do.

I remember when I was 10 or 12 years old and put my hand down on a sand bur. (It's a thorny bur with barbs that is painful going in and horrific coming out).   It was right in the palm of my hand and was very deep.  I cried out in pain and my mother came to my aide. She told me to show her the bur, but I didn't want to because I knew that she would want to pull it out.  I didn't want her to. She did anyway and it HURT!!!  I called her "mean."  If she hadn't done it, it would probably still be in my hand all these years later.

Was my mother mean? No. She did it out of love. Did I want her to do it? No. Am I glad she did?  Of course.

Now, it's obvious that I'm not your mother. And I don't want to be. You're most likely an adult, if you are reading this post. Or at least an adolescent.  You should have the skills to extrapolate the meaning of this post and use it in your own life.

It doesn't give me a feeling of superior morality to think "I'm right and you're wrong."  I'll be the very first one to admit I'm not even CLOSE to perfect.

Some have even called me "judgmental." I've mentioned that I'm like a speed limit sign. I don't make the laws or write the tickets; I just tell you what the speed limit is so that you DON'T get a ticket....

Truth should NOT BE the new "Hate Speech."

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