Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Like a Speed Limit Sign

I take a lot of guff on Facebook and this blog for taking a stand for God, God's Word and traditional values. I've been called lots of names on my blog and on Facebook, but it really doesn't bother me.

I'm like a speed limit sign.

I'm not the judge; the judge sits in the court.

I'm not the policeman who arrests you and makes you go to court.

I'm not the actual law; I'm just the device with which people can be either made aware of the law or reminded of the law.

When I say "God hates homosexuality" I, myself, am not passing judgment; I'm just declaring what has already been declared by God.

When I say "homosexuality is wrong" I'm not judging you; I'm simply reminding you of what God, the Judge, has to say about it.

When people see the speed limit sign that says, "40 MPH" and they choose to ignore the law and go 63 MPH, they have to realize that it doesn't offend the sign for them to ignore it. You shouldn't take offense at the sign for telling you what the law is; it is just doing what it was created to do.

You shouldn't be angry with the officer for stopping you for speeding, unless the sign didn't do it's job. If you saw the sign, then you shouldn't be mad for being caught.

If you feel that you are being judged by what I say, be sure to examine what it is I say. Maybe I'm just quoting God's Word. Maybe I'm just declaring the law. Maybe I'm just doing what I'm made to do.

 I'm like a speed limit sign.

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