Thursday, September 02, 2010


Emily's new clarinet


Anonymous said...

I had forgotten how expensive band can be until last Friday. I was in a local music store listening to the owner answer a phone call. All three of his stores were sold out of almost all instruments, but he had a high-dollar saxaphone that wasn't really meant for a marching band. The callers asked for the price, he said $4K, and there was a pause. Then the owner said "OK, I'll put it aside for you. See you in an hour." He told me this happens every year, that most parents get the instruments way early so they get all the old used ones. Yikes! Four grand for a shiny sax. Hope it doesn't rain on their parade.
Bob S

Rick Boyne said...

Yikes! This one is expensive enough and we're doing "rent to own."

I was just thinking about you guys earlier this week. Hope you're doing well.