Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Space Shuttle over Tulsa/NEOK

The Space Shuttle passed over the Tulsa area and was visible to a large portion of Northeast Oklahoma.

I went outside at 7:45 this morning to watch it pass.  As my luck would have it, a band of high clouds moved in over the area just as it was suppose to be overhead. 

I took a picture of a passing jetliner, but, who wants to see that.

However, even though I didn't get to SEE the Space Shuttle, I did get to HEAR the resulting sonic boom!

Several other folks said they heard the boom, too, but didn't know what it was.


Anonymous said...

The Weather Channel said it was doing over 10,000 mph as it passed over the middle of the USA. Sorry you missed it.


Monk-in-Training said...

man, I wish I had heard it! :( I was sitting at my desk.

Rick Boyne said...

Bob, me, too!

Monk, it sounded like it was far off. (200 miles away, in fact) I'll be it was loud if you had been near!