Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mall Shooting in Muskogee, OK

Saturday afternoon, just after Audrey's birthday party, 3 men entered Arrowhead Mall in Muskogee, OK, and opened fire.  When the shooting was done, a total of six people were hit, one fatally.

The police say it was "gang related."

Gang related.

How stupid can you be?

Supposedly, it is a turf war between the Northside Boys and the Southside Boys.  The mall is in the South and evidently, some from the north were "trespassing" for the Chili Cookoff for the Azalea Festival.

They came to murder another human being because they were protecting their turf.

They ended a life for the pride of the gang.

They ruined lives because of some messed up values.

There is a whole generation that has lost their way.

It isn't just in the big cities.  It touches our whole country.

I think every law enforcement officer in NE OK came to the mall that afternoon.  They had all three "suspects" in jail by yesterday afternoon.


The Bible says that in the last days, lawlessness will increase. 

How true.

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