Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post Crisis Debriefing

As I took Audrey to the optometrist this morning for her birthday contacts, I saw an empty store set up with chairs and was filling up quickly.

I saw a woman direct a man to that room and told him to be sure and get a donut.  I asked her what was going on in there and she told me that several pastors had offered their prayers and Green Country Mental Health would be there to offer services to employees of Arrowhead Mall.

I was so happy to see that going on.

It was no small thing that took place there Saturday.  Fear is a powerful force.


Anonymous said...

When you get certified as a chaplin would you be called upon to work at a mall (or whereever needed)? I think most mall managers are very open to this kind of thing. When rain delayed the Indy 500 about 15 years ago I went to the local mall to just walk around. SBC Disaster relief was set up everywhere. I found out that earlier that winter floods had damaged hundreds of homes. While the people were getting help from various agencies, SBC workers were tending to children in a huge temporary child-care area, in the middle of the food court. Made me proud to be part of our denomination.

Rick Boyne said...

I suppose it could happen, but I'll be at the beck and call of Disaster Relief.

I'm pretty impressed with all the things the SBC does, too!