Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born this day in 1743.  That would make him 267 years old.

I've had an affinity toward Jefferson since I played him in our school's bicentennial play, in 1976.  I had the powdered wig and period costume.  I even had my picture on the front page of the Sapulpa Herald.

I think Thomas Jefferson would be appalled with the condition of our country and our government, if he were here today.

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RA said...

I've often wondered about what the Founding Fathers would think of the U.S. today.

I suspect they'd be quite astonished that it has become a world superpower and the strongest nation in the world both militarily and economically.

I doubt seriously they'd be appalled at the state of our government considering it is considerably stronger than it was during their time.

One thing I am sure of is that we'd be surprised at what they are impressed by as well as what they are disappointed in.

I doubt Jefferson would have approved of a black man being president.

I also doubt he would approve of the spread of capitalism and it's destroying his agricultural utopia.

Considering his contempt for organized religion, you and he would probably differ on more than you think.

He didn't even believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. I wonder what he'd think of his being completely rejected as a potential president in modern day America? Probably not very impressed on that count.