Monday, April 26, 2010

OKC Quick Trip

No, I'm not talking about a QuikTrip in OKC, but rather a very fast trip that Sally and I made last Friday.  She is required to submit her fingerprints to become a teacher.  She went to the Muskogee Police Department twice and they were rejected by OSBI twice.

So, since the State Department of Education has to have them on file before she interviews, and since her interview is Thursday, she and I made a mad dash to OKC to get her fingerprints taken.

On the way back to Wagoner, we stopped by Oklahoma Baptist University for Sally to buy a National Championship T-Shirt.  (they were out of her size).

But, as with any alum, it is always fun to visit your alma mater.  The picture above is of Sally in front of some hall that she told me the name of, but I can't remember.  I, after all, did NOT go to school at OBU.

I am a Sooner.

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