Friday, March 05, 2010

Update on My Book

Just in case you've been wondering how my book is coming along, I thought I'd give you a brief update.

Today, I passed the seventy thousand word mark. I had been aiming for 80-100K words, so I'm getting pretty close.

I should be done with the first draft this month. Then, I'll start my re-write, then send it off to my friend for editing, then fix things from his recommendations.

Once I've done these things, then I'll start looking for a literary agent to sell the book to a publisher.

I have no disillusions. After I finish my manuscript, the real work begins. Finding someone who believes in my book and representing it to publishers is both a big deal and lots of work. While my family, friends, and even I believe that it is a good work, finding someone in the business is a little harder.

Even if I find a publisher, that doesn't guarantee success. I happen to think I'm on to something special; there are few other books with the same subject on the market; hardly any of them in the fiction genre.

I pray that the book will be a success, not just for the financial rewards, but that it would honor God by helping people to search for Him. I'd covet your prayers as I complete my part of this project.

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