Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chaplaincy Training

I completed the initial two day Chaplaincy training at the BGCO in Oklahoma City.  My friends from Thailand, Robert and Faye Griffin, were kind enough to provide me lodging for the event.

It was conducted by Dr. Naomi Paget, FBI Chaplain and literally the Author of the Chaplain's Manual.

The training was never boring, and that's really saying something coming from a short attention span person who is EASILY bored.

My next step is to take the Critical Incident Stress Management course offered at the Oklahoma City Police Department on April 5-6.

After completing these two courses, I will then apply to be endorsed by the North American Mission Board.  This will afford me the Chaplain's credentials to serve outside the borders of Oklahoma as an SBC Disaster Relief Chaplain.


Monk-in-Training said...

what Chaplaincy training is involved, I am interested in the idea of Chaplains for businesses.

Rick Boyne said...


Get in contact with Kevin Bussey. He works for a professional Chaplaincy company.

My training is for Disaster Relief.