Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something to the Rumor

Well, there must be a little more to the rumor than just internet scuttlebutt.  The following quote comes from an international security firm that puts out a daily update of world events, called "Hotspots"

Israel (Country threat level - 4): Rioting occurred in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Issawiya, Wadi Joz and Abu Tor on 16 March 2010 during Palestinian protests against the reopening of a synagogue in the area. Angry demonstrators burned tires and threw rocks at anti-riot police officers, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. At least 20 protesters and two police officers were injured in the unrest. Authorities have been on a heightened state of alert in Jerusalem, which has experienced a significant degree of unrest in recent weeks, motivated by several developments that include Israeli building announcements for East Jerusalem, Israel’s decision to add two disputed shrines in the West Bank to its list of national heritage sites and rumors of an impending Jewish settlers' takeover of al-Aqsa Mosque at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Palestinian Hamas faction had reportedly called for a day of rage on 16 March, prompting authorities to deploy thousands of additional security personnel in Jerusalem; there were reports that authorities had turned back buses of Palestinians attempting to enter Jerusalem to join protests. There were also reports of additional disturbances near the Old City, including near the Mughrabi and Majlis gates. The aforementioned developments in recent weeks combined with the lack of progress in the peace process have only exacerbated Muslim-Jewish tensions in Jerusalem as well as the West Bank, and further disturbances are likely to occur in the near-term.
I continue to find this very interesting indeed!

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