Monday, November 16, 2009

2012 - A Movie Review

Sally and I went to see the movie 2012 this weekend. It had GREAT movie special effects, the acting wasn't great, but not bad either, but the premise was just way too unbelievable for me. I can't tell you why, or I'll spoil the end, but let's just say that "God wouldn't destroy the Earth that way". You'll have to see it to understand, otherwise email me and I'll tell you.

Necessarily, for the plot, the movie includes many people praying that they would be spared from the impending disaster, all to no avail. It shows triumph of the "good" in mankind over selfishness. It showed mankind's desire to continue and survive. It even had interesting references to Biblical accounts of other disasters.

My hope for this movie, however, is that is scares the bejiggers out of people and makes them seek God, before it IS too late. I hope it stimulates all kinds of discussions toward spiritual matters between Believers and pre-Believers. I can see how this movie can be very, very scary for people who have no hope; for people that don't know their destiny.

All in all, I would recommend this movie. I'm not sure I'd take my kids to see it as it is very graphic and very violent, but it does make for good entertainment, and maybe an opportunity to witness...
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